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Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Nakysha3 years ago
Here's something that gets those gears...gearing. What motivates you? And why? For me, I'd have to say that the reviews and comments I get (even if they just say 'write more') inspire me so much. Aside from that, I find that the people around me that encourage me to follow my dreams and all that also motivate me. How about you?
acerani3 years ago
People, I think. Whatever I write tends to be more about the characters than anything else; the action of the story isn't so much a driving force behind the plot as the choices the characters make. Example: my English teacher today started lecturing us on how the rise of anxiety in this country is related to the lack of community and communication between the American people, etc. etc. etc.

I now have an idea for a story about two roommates who never see each other.

Reviews make me happy as well, especially if they're not from people I know - they're too nice to be critical.

Anyone else?
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