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Let's talk about fanfiction!
Let's talk about fanfiction!
Spock's Katra Flash Fic challenge
Kirok3 years ago
As fans we are the custodians of the legacy of past actors and authors, whether they are from recent memory or from the turn of the last century! Fan fiction writers especially are the instruments of the immortality of past genres. It can be a homage to John Carter of Mars which accurately reflects the canon and style of Edgar Rice Burroughs or it could a Post-Apocalyptic Punk appropriation of Romeo and Juliet!

I'm putting together a fanzine called Spock's Katra to honour the passing of Leonard Nimoy and I'd like to challenge you to do a FlashFic - under 500 words - that can throw a personal light on Star Trek and Spock, the character who Leonard Nimoy brought to life, the best will be published. You might have seen him on re-runs of the Original series, or the guest appearances it he did in Star Trek: The Next Generation. You might remember him from the Star Trek movies or from his cameo in JJ Abrams reboot of the genre.in some way, he and Star Trek have touched *everyone's* life. It might have a hallowed place in your heart or it might be the epitome of all that you hate about mainstream SciFi. What is your take on it?

The selection criteria for the 'zine are on our Facebook page...
...and the submission guide is her...
...If you want to look at some of the other work we've published, feel free to browse our website...
...the fanzine will be the third in our series, 'Personal Logs' and the others can be seen here...

Live long and be excellent to each other!

Kirok of L'Stok
Kirok3 years ago
This is an example of a tribute FlashFic I did on the death of Majel Barrett Roddenberry...
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