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Let's talk about fanfiction!
Let's talk about fanfiction!
Favourite Fanfiction Quotes
MyVeryWildImagination4 years ago
Share some of your favourite fanfiction quotes here, and state where it's from, which chapter, which fandom, and if possible, which ship. :D Let's see what we can all come up with!
MyVeryWildImagination4 years ago
"Is it - sunny - today? Or Rainy?" - Chapter four, We Learned the Sea, Harry Potter, Dramione.
Sunnycanary6134 years ago
(I'm sorry this is a huge one... And I took out the parts that the character didn't speak.)

"HOUSE RULES! Number one. Rent is due every Monday and goes in the little jar next to the fridge. Number two. No bringing home one nighters after two a.m. Number three. If someone calls and asks you what you are wearing, do not, as Fin did the first time, give them a detailed description of your current ensemble including fabric type and designer name and then get into an in depth discussion of current fashion trends. Just pass the phone to Ice. Number four. Do not wander onto number 47's lawn. Switzerland tends to shoot first and ask questions later. Number five. No fraternising with the Russians next door. Goddamn Russians always after Scandinavia. Number six! Do not give any alcohol to the British bloke two doors down. This is really more a guideline than a rule, but if you do choose to ignore it, may the gods help you, and don't say I didn't warn you. Number seven. Don't ask about the axe in the shed. Number eight. Forget I mentioned rule number seven. Number nine. The eggs in the fridge with the smiley faces are mine. Do not eat them. Buy your own. Are you listening to this, Norway? Rule number ten: touch Iceland and I'll kill you. Rule number eleven: touch Finland and I'll kill you. Rule number twelve: touch Norway and he'll kill you. I'm serious about that one. Rule number thirteen: touch Greenland and Faeroe if you really must, I'm not gonna ask questions, it's not my place to judge. Rule number fourteen: if someone comes to the door and asks any questions whatsoever the correct answer is 'He is out of the country.' Rule number fifteen: under absolutely NO circumstances are you to play ABBA in this house. I understand that being Swedish this will be particularly difficult for you, but believe me, you don't want to know the reason for this rule and if you ever break it you will quickly wish you hadn't. Rule number…"
-Chapter 3, Catch Perfect, Hetalia: Axis Powers, SuFin
Musesation3 years ago
That's hilarious! I have a question though--and I don't mean to sound rude--what's attracting people to this fandom? I'm struggling to see the attraction since I haven't found any good description or explanation of the story.
Sunnycanary6133 years ago
@Musesation, UM well, there isn't really a plot to the show, but it's quite funny xD It's basically about countries personified as their stereotypes and their 'adventures' throughout history. I guess you have to watch it to decide whether you like it or not, since there isn't really an actual plot.
MyVeryWildImagination4 years ago
WordyKite3 years ago
"His name’s General Len Kagamine and in his world, there are two different kinds of people. One of them is an insane, bloodthirsty monster. The other one is the one that fights for survival in a world where danger can come out of nowhere. Before the “accident”, everyone was the same—in Len’s book and like any author’s: there’s a beginning, middle, and end. His tale began with a description of himself."
-Chapter 1, Love is War, Vocaloid
Jereldbearington3 years ago
"Why are you doing this? This place is destroying our family! It has almost killed us all, and has made my baby boy a killer! Don't ruin your future, Gregor, just come back to your normal life!" Begged Gregors mom.
This had been a battle of wills, who would out-last the other, who had the strongest desire. Gregor's desire to stay in the Underland, or his moms false dream of their family living a normal life. Gregor had just won the battle. "This is my life." said Gregor, putting emphasis on "is".

- Gregor and the war of the Myriapods
Chapter 24, Tytonic
QueenofHearts3 years ago
I loved this passage from Draco Dormiens by Cassandra Clare...I freaked out when I heard that she had written Harry Potter Fanfiction cuz I absolutely LOVE her....although I hate Harmione pairings, this book is more Dramione so....anyway... this is the quote...I mean passage:

He took her hand and turned it over so he could see her watch. "It's one minute to three," he said. "Let's say your relationship with Harry becomes official at 3pm sharp, shall we?"
"Which gives us a minute to what, exactly?" she asked, but he shook his head at her and said,
"Hermione. You're wasting time."
Then, still leaning against the tree, he pulled her towards him by the hand holding her wrist-surprised, she stumbled forward, and fell against him. And he kissed her.
Later, Hermione would think that he had obviously put everything he had, every ounce of feeling for her, every last vestige of passion and every shred of frustrated love, into that kiss. As if he were trying to burn whatever it was he felt out of him, exorcise it, wring it dry. At the time though, she was only aware that her knees were buckling and there was a roaring sound in her ears as if someone were holding seashells over them. She shut her eyes and saw lightning dance across her inner lids.
She wondered if she might be the only girl ever to kiss two Magids in one day. Then she wondered if it might possibly be fatal.
He let go of her, and the world swam back into focus.
"Three o'clock, Granger," he said, and dropped her hand.
"Wow," she said weakly, and looked up at him. He was looking at her again with that funny little smile, half amusement, half regret. She knew he had just shown her how he really felt. And knew he would never, ever do it again.

I was literally spouting fountains from my eyes at this time and I wanted to shout at Draco...."No...You CAN'T let her go.....NOOOOO" but then I had to remember not to do this because I wasn't supposed to be reading this at that time....
QueenofHearts3 years ago
And this one too....Its typical Draco Malfoy:

"I love her and I get to keep her for the rest of my life. I'd say that's a great deal. As a bonus, I get to piss off Weasley and annoy Potter."

Revenge is All the Sweeter
Chapter 19: Clarity of Vision
Sunnycanary6133 years ago
(so this entire fic is a truck full of amazing writing and beautiful quotes... but i think this is gonna have to be one of my favs <3)

“Jean, I— I fell in love with you like droplets in the ocean. Every facet of you was just a drip, but— but the ripples they caused were massive. I … all those times I should’ve been more plain with you; I’m in love with you.”

Droplets (theprophetlemonade) ; Chapter 19 ; Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin ; JeanMarco
AyumiFallassion2 years ago
Unsure what compelled her to act but she leaned in and kissed him full; realizing she initiated it she pulled back surprised at herself. "I-… uh, well, I just…" She couldn't understand what was happening with her. Not with her mouth or how she was acting. She was normally not like this, yet this man could pull this stange side out of her.

"Though you were gonna carry?" He smiled as he grabbed her hand, kissing it. "You helped to influence it's development, and I'd love it if you acted as a mother to him or her whenever you can get away, but I mean, we're not human. Physical in this case only means 'how' we influenced this one." The grinned widened. "I was Momma to the others, but can you see me with a baby belly?" He frowned when she was quiet for a few minutes. "You're thinking of me as a fatso now, aren't you?" He pouted, getting theatrical now. "You try keeping your figure after over 40 kids!"

Office Romance, chapter 10, Maci.  AyumiFallassion, collaborated with Katcouri.
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