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Young Adult Fiction Society
Young Adult Fiction Society
What Do We Consider Young Adult?
Benjamin May
Benjamin May3 years ago
We all aren't made equal in regards to taste, which is to say we all have different likes and dislikes; as well as levels of tolerance for things like violence, sex, death, intimacy, and comedy. I pose the question, what is appropriate for young adults? With so many people in that age range, there must be a variety of things that are appropriate to them. I remember when the Hunger Games was still coming out in book form and eleven year olds were reading it no problem, while some people in high school would have trouble with a bad graphics zombie in a game that is perfectly within their considered age range. (EX: being 17 and able to watch or play R and M rated material but not mentally prepared for it)

A story I posted recently but have since took down was rated R, but when I posed it to a number of people in a number of age ranges, and I got a variety of responses ranging from PG-13 to "what is wrong with you are you okay Ben? Why would you write something like this and why the devil would you post it online?" So what do you all consider young adult content? What is safe for this genre that even fourth graders reading wouldn't turn their noses up to or shriek in terror, but also hold the interest of a twenty something with a sexy vampire fetish (No kink shaming here, it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round as they say)

I myself tend to lean on the more mature end of this preverbal spectrum, way do you all find yourselves? Where would you find yourselves if you weren't writing specifically for young adults and just wrote? Is it just how you write? Please let me know, and don;t let your children see DEADPOOL unless they are of the proper age.
Flow3 years ago
Hm... I'm not one for very very very sexual descriptions, but I'm okay with reading it. And quite honestly blood and gore is okay as long as I'm not getting very very very vivid descriptions. Like I was cool with Sebastion's character in Mortal Instruments and he's a psychopathic murderer who is in love with his sister and a  "Fuck Boy". Correction he is my favorite character throughout the book. Probably because I like the crazy characters in books.

Quaetro Blitz and Cerebrum are other examples. Blitz is crazy in a comical way while Cerebrum is straight a hatable guy. The author literally tried to make Cerebrum an unlikeable manipulative guy who practically trolls people on the verge of suicide... And I loved him.

Are you going to tell me I'm messed up now?
Benjamin May
Benjamin May3 years ago
Nope, you did good kid, you did good. (Puts cigarette in mouth, walks away with fedora down and trench coat collar pulled up high...never to be seen again. like a true Noir Gentleman)
Equivalentum2 days ago
I gotta say that it may be just Adult Fiction what you're writing. I don't know what you mean by writing YA for "twenty something" yeah old, because that won't be an YA.

So just so we clear on your question, "Young adult fiction (YA) is a category of fiction written for readers from 12 to 18 years of age." - according to Wikipedia.

If you write something higher than PG-13, it is not to be considered YA for safety reasons. It is, in fact a NA, which is from 18 to 30 years old. Because that kind of content is available to read starting from that age only (actually it is from 17, but nvm).

People have various opinions about rating and age ranges, which is due to their ignorance in the subject (they are readers though and not to be blamed for this).  Sexuality (like nudity and futher), intense violence, hard language with sexual meaning and heavy abuse, and drugs are to be rated high (R) and be a part of NA, not YA.
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