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Science Fiction/Fantasy writers
Science Fiction/Fantasy writers
Who are you?
SparkleCadet4 months ago
Tell us about yourself. What's your name, what types of looks you like to read how you feel about penana. The good stuff.
Joshua Adam Stevens
Joshua Adam Stevens4 months ago
Joshua Adam Stevens -love making and listening to music (Everything from classical to metal), reading, writing, and most of all learning and evolving. I personally like writing sci-fi (futuristic, fantasy, etc.) but I love to read anything. The more peoples work you read, the more you can learn. Feel like I get more interactions on penana than wattpad. trying to become more involved in this group.
Alejandro Gustavo Sanchez
Alejandro Gustavo Sanchez2 weeks ago
@Joshua Adam Stevens,

So I’ve noticed on here the reads on my works have been steadily going up, but I’ve very little engagement.
While on Wattpad its been the opposite.

Do you know if the reads on here are legimate. Are people legitimately reading through on Penana?
SparkleCadet2 weeks ago
@Alejandro Gustavo Sanchez,  What's that suppose to mean?
Princess Mclil1
Princess Mclil12 weeks ago
@SparkleCadet, I think he means that you have a ton of views, but no likes or comments. But on Wattpad, a ton of likes and comments, but very little views. The question is that do people really read the story on Penana.
Warshark 2 months ago
I am Warshark, a creative writer, and storyteller. This is my first group on penana I have joined, and I'm excited to share stories.
SparkleCadet2 weeks ago
That's great to hear. Welcome to Wattpad! :D
Warshark 2 weeks ago
@SparkleCadet, Thanks. I appreciate it.
SparkleCadet2 weeks ago
@Warshark , anytime!
DuskStrikes3 days ago
DuskStrikes here! You can call me dusk if you want. I am a leisure writer, I read books, and well..... read. I don't have any genre preference. Joined the group for read about ideas, and discussing. If anyone wants a beta reader, you can ask me.
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