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Society's Age of Writers
Society's Age of Writers
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IgnitedChaos1 year ago
Hello! Just thought that maybe we should have a thread in which writers can post about their newest works, and have other people comment and give feedback. Penana isn't only about writing, it is also about building a community which people like and help other authors out!
IgnitedChaos1 year ago
I just published a suspense story called "The Deceptive One". I am still working on it, but I would love feedback and comments.

T. S. Stone
T. S. Stone1 year ago
Oh, I've just read it! I gave some suggestions for spelling and punctuation errors, but I think the story is really good. I would say it's a bit cliche, but it's always a challenge to make entirely original stories so I totally understand. I do really enjoy the mystery aspect of the story. The twist at the end isn't that surprising, but you can still do a lot to make it an amazing plot twist. You should try to give a couple more hints to him being the killer. You could make it that when he is Jake the investigator that he feels sudden and unexplainable impulses to hurt people. You could add a scene where he is with someone and suddenly feels like hurting then, but quickly shakes away that feeling. This would help build foreshadowing to the reveal that he is the killer. I really like the way you word things and add an extra layer of suspense and detail to everything. Describing how Jake got in the car and how it sped away made the scene really immersive. I hope some of this helped.
IgnitedChaos1 year ago
Thank you for the edits, I really appreciate it! I plan to edit the story a bit, as well as the introduction. I know that the ending is a bit obvious, but the main thing I was trying to get at was for the reader to understand what was happening, and to see the gradual realization of on Jake's point of view as he comes to understanding what truly is going on.
IgnitedChaos1 year ago
Issue 2 of the Deceptive One is out now!

IgnitedChaos1 year ago
I'm sure you all have your predictions who the Deceptive One is, right?
After all, it was pretty obvious... right?

Issue 3 of the Deceptive One is out now!
IgnitedChaos11 months ago
I know there has been a huge gap, but I have a lot "on my plate", as the saying goes. Basically, it might be a while before Issue 4 comes out. Needless to say, I am still writing it out, and editing the earlier issues.
T. S. Stone
T. S. Stone11 months ago
@IgnitedChaos, that's cool, man. I don't mind waiting a while. I hope you're doing well.
Krys10 months ago
Hello! I'm in the process of posting chapters for my NaNoWriMo 2020 project ENHANCED.

So far it's twelve chapters (including the "Part One" chapter) and is ongoing. It's still considered a rough draft, and I am open for beta readers and idea collaborators to join.

Link: penana.com/story/70336/enhanced

Twenty two years ago the world ended.
Half of humanity survived with a mutated genome, allowing them the ability to unlock supernatural gifts.
The other half survived by pure luck, skill, and wits - or so the story goes.
Three population hubs exist, with varying degree of favorability towards the new Enhanced humans: The City of Settled Enhanceds, or C.O.S.E; the Center, and the District.
And their worlds are about to collide.

I'll also read whatever you'd like to share in turn!
Rhiannon B. McClain
Rhiannon B. McClain3 weeks ago
My current story: The Original Diaries

"I will be with you always and forever..."

The infamous Klaus Mikaelson is back in Mystic Falls because Elena is somehow still alive. Follow Caroline Forbes & Co. as they navigate what this means for their friendships, love lives, and their hometown.

Mystic Fall's finest are a crazy bunch prone to stupid choices. What would you like to see in this series of stories?
*Eventual Slice of Life*

AO3: archiveofourown.org/works/32653684/chapters/81669625
Penana: penana.com/story/87198/the-original-diaries
Wattpad: wattpad.com/story/254451306-the-original-diaries
Toast.org3 weeks ago
This is a story I'm still writing, but you're welcome to read what I've written so far
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