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New Adult Fiction Society
New Adult Fiction Society
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hcwilhelm5 years ago
Want to share your story? Then you're in the right place! Please include: title of book, how many chapters, ongoing or complete, and a brief synopsis.

Don't forget to include a link to help others find your story quicker!
SarahWeaver65 years ago
Title: Life Like Wires In Sand
Chapters: Currently at 34 chapters.
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Spypunk/Post Cyberpunk

Synopsis: A programmer experiencing non-locality meets a painter demonically possessed, and obsessed by underground tunnels he claims are the home of demons. They embark on a journey into the underground, and are captured by MIPs. After narrowly escaping with their lives, they plan their next stage of their life: encrypting their lives so it wont happen again.


Author Note: Penana version is a little behind the Wattpad version, as it's my most current work, now exceeding my previous word counts.
SarahWeaver65 years ago
Is that format OK?
hcwilhelm5 years ago
@SarahWeaver6, Yeah! That's perfect! Thanks :)
CoffeeIsLove5 years ago
Hello! Nice to meet you all ^_^

Title: In the Field of White Roses
Current Chapters: currently 3 + Prologue
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Drama, Low Fantasy, Romance
Brief Synopsis:

The Great Kingdom of Grantheim celebrates the 25th birthday of its Crown Prince, by then one of the most important and crucial events of the year: the year the Crown Prince chooses his bride. The ladies of the court are vying for the Prince's attention, competing for his hand, hiding their own agenda. And all that change with the arrival of an unexpected lady with a white rose on her hair.

Secrets begin to unravel, alliances form and break, and unheard cries shake the foundation of peace.

*this was originally in textnovel, but I cannot access the site huhu
hcwilhelm5 years ago
@CoffeeIsLove, Heya! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for joining us and many wishes on the success of your novel :)
CoffeeIsLove5 years ago
@hcwilhelm,  Thank you very much! I hope we'll all be friends!!!I also wish for the success of everyone. Good luck to us!  ^_^
Lunassandra Hughes
Lunassandra Hughes5 years ago
To be honest, all of my stories need a fresh pair of eyes outside of my own. But I'll list the one with the most issues and one with the second to least.
Title: 13
Current Chapters: 3
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Mythology
Brief Synopsis: (A truly terrible synopsis, because I suck at writing summaries)

The end of their quest had been leading them to a gate- a gate that would hopefully get them the hell out of this godforsaken reality. 
The reality that had been warped by Viscera, that they had duck-taped back together to look somewhat like it used to like one would do a vase- and goddammit Jimmy, you made it look like it has a d- but regardless they did not take into account the fact that someone else would be in the habit of stopping their departure and now congrats! The Lycan, who had been apparently hit too many times in the head, has a mate he could not remember but who very much remembers him and guess what?
She isn't what she seems either (go figure!).
Now they're all caught up in a war among the Primordial Gods and well- lets just say someone has to put a stop to it and "fuck you, Asher. I did not sign up for this bullshit."
But regardless they're all in for it anyway!


Title: Paracosm
Current Chapters: 4 issues, but the forth is the first chapter.
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Supernatural, Adventure, Romance
Brief Synopsis: (A truly terrible synopsis, because I suck at writing summaries)

Darkness and Light converge as whispers begin about the return of the Ancients.
A fragile peace is beginning to dissolve and their children will be at war once more.
Eleanora Durant has found her purpose and it is a grim one. 
The role she must play will leave hearts broken and her own lost, all in the hopes of one day putting an end to Markus' reign- all in the hopes that their will one day be peace. 
This is her purpose and may the Allied Ancients save her from the pain it will inevitably cause.


Any help for any story is welcome and appreciated. I have all of my stories on fictionpress, wattpad, figment, and on here.
Miss Anderson
Miss Anderson4 years ago
All of my characters are either right at 18 or over.

My most popular is Heiress of Flight.


My most recent is Rajakumari, the story of a high school princess.



My work in progress is Princess at Arms, main character a prince


All are also available on wattpad, but I keep this one up to date more often, although I update them both! Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks!!!

Osage4 years ago
Characters; early-mid twenties
Title; Boy Toy



Very mature scenes, for mature adults~ It's still on going!

Summary; A young woman finally ventures out, coming out of her shell to be a very promiscuous creature.
tantalies3 years ago
Oh, I hope this society isn't dead. Imma plug my novel in here..


It's on going.

Title: The Wedding Date
Summary: Two people are going to a wedding, love is bound to happen.
Yami3 years ago
Title: Under Lock and Key
Chapters: 1(Currently, I plan to update in the next day or so)
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Crime/Romance

Stuck working in her grandfather's jewelry store,  Clara is sick of the box her family's expectations have put her in.

This is a major WIP, so if there are any typos or inconsistencies feel free to let me know!

Madison, an agent for a international network of  thieves, has recently moved into town. Her target? The local jewelry store, suspected of stealing designs and rumored to have even darker secrets hidden beneath its floorboards.

But jobs like this are never easy, as she along with five other agents must utilize rock solid alias’ for the next several months in order to plan the heist without catching anyone's attention.

Then Madison meets Clara, the two feel a tangible connection, even though one of them is lying. And when their meetings escalate to being romantic, it threatens to blow the entire job out of the water.

Link! : https://m.penana.com/story/48165/under-lock-and-key/issue/0
Daniel Hur
Daniel Hur3 years ago
Title: Trish
Chapters: Currently 7
Status: Ongoing
Link: https://www.penana.com/story/48235/trish/toc
Synopsis: A girl moves to a new neighborhood in Fairfax, Virginia. As she meets new people, she eventually comes to term with who she is and how to best adapt to the changing climate she is in.
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