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New Adult Fiction Society
New Adult Fiction Society
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Book Recommendations
hcwilhelm4 years ago
This can include any genre from Romance to Fantasy to Paranormal. As long as the books fall under New Adult Fiction, then share away!
JamaiexAlready4 years ago
Hi guys! Please do read my entry and my new story entitled My 7 Days with him and please comment your reviews, suggestions and If there's a grammar I need to correct. Thank you so much!
Miss Anderson
Miss Anderson4 years ago
Heiress of Flight




The Story of His Instagram is absolutely AMAZING!!! The main character is in college
Apollo Kingsleigh
Apollo Kingsleigh4 years ago
The first Chapter of my story, LMK, is complete!! Please go check it out. It's the only story on my account. Feel free to check out my contest entries as well!!😊 Please leave comments! Constructive critiques are welcome!!!
Blondemaverick3 years ago
For female heroine stories, I would recommend the Sirantha Jax Series by Anne Aguirre (it's really pulpy, sci-fi-fan romance with a self-serving, snarky anti-heroine), and basically anything by Anne Frasier (Especially the Elise Sandburg Series - which is a murder-mystery procedural).

If you're a high-fantasy fan, anything by Mark Lawrence, Brandon Sanderson, or Brent Weeks basically nails it - but The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence is Tops in my opinion (it has ties to the "real world" that will blow you away).

If you like funny stuff, the Ciaphas Cain series in the Warhammer 40K universe is pretty stinkin' tongue-in-cheek. Same can be said of The Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher, and The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne - both have a similar tone as well.
SarahWeaver63 years ago
Still trying to get around to Just Junco, though over the last few months I've found my reading taste change considerably. :/
Dlofc843 years ago
I have finally finished running all of my first books through editing programs to get out all the kinks and taking some suggestion (breaking up the chapters). The closest category it fits into is fantasy. Also, another two suggestions I can give is True Covenant Series and Assasins Blade, both of which I really enjoy.
Angelic Khan
Angelic Khan2 years ago
Hey it’s @Angelickhan here ❤
I hope you all doing well . ❤❤
Could you please check out new story if you have time ? It would mean a lot to me thank you . You can check this out by clicking on the given link or assess it by clicking on my profile it is name as FATE AND LOVE (It’s a #liskook #namyeon fanfic) People who like these ship only read this I already posted chapters
hi this maybe rude but I was going to ask if u can mention my new book to your readers, I'm just trying to get more people to read my book thanks all and if u can't thank u again I appreciate it
MaKenzie Barnes
MaKenzie Barnes1 year ago
Hello everyone! I write romance/erotica.

You can find me on wattpad and booksie as well.

Feel free to check out "Son of the Boss" and "Bunny". Both are ongoing and mature content.


Rhys A. Dagwood
Rhys A. Dagwood1 year ago
Hey all!

I have THREE works up that you'll enjoy. Into the Night, Of Quills and Parchment, & While Humanity Slept. Here's the link.
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