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Love story
Famefame1 year ago
Love is about feeling rather than words. People are involving with love since birth which began within families. Love is continuing until you grow up. In every range of age ,everyone has to learn how to love. If you are in a relationship , you have to care about each other and taking care of each other. Putting other’s feeling before you say something or do something.
Permpoon Deebunmee
Permpoon Deebunmee1 year ago

The first parargraph of the book “Love story” I read caught my attention. Then, I started questioning “How could I find someone who is so committed to me”. “Only that could happend in the novel” I said to myself. “So how the book?” Amelia asked me. “I haven’t gone throughout the book, but I guess it is another love/fantasy story” I replied. “I think it could happens. Anyway, let’s go eat”. She said with in her face. Amelia is one of my few friends. I knew her since elementary school. She’s always around and cheers me up. That is why I was so in love with her. I really wanted to ask her out ‘cause I wanted to commit my feelings. But under these situations, I am half-hearted.
I_Am_Who1 year ago
She was a beautiful girl who always get a lot of affection. I was just a normal guy who had nothing special. I did not have enough bravery to tell her the truth, my true feeling. I was afraid if she refuse my feeling, I would rather die than live in this horrible world. So I decided to keep it in the buttom of my heart forever.
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