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Car Accident
Isaree2 days ago
There was a country that covered a big city which technology was progress. Everything or every problems can solve with these technology. There was one man who very rich. He has a lot of houses, companies, and cars. He owned the big companies about developing the technology in this city. One day, he have to go to another city for work with another companies. On the way while he was driving, the rain fell.
BlueDevil2 days ago
The road is dark and the only light is the light from his car. Then suddenly his wheel can not control and slide out of the road. After that accident he woke up in the middle of hospital, he can not move himself, the doctor said that he very lucky to survive his car slide out of the road and hit with the tree, when the rescuers arrive his bone was broken and his body nearly come out of the car. After three months of treatment he can back to drive again and this time he drive from Chicago to Newyork.
JanixG2 days ago
Three months later after that incidence, he was out of the hospital. He was greeted with his brother, Joey. And he began to work in his company again. The horrifying incidence was slowly forgotten. The man even forgot the accident himself. Well, until one night. He was about to grab some McDonald’s at night with Joey. But then, he felt the pain inside his lower abdomen. He looked down and saw a knife stabbing him. “You know, you should’ve died three months ago,” Joey told him with an ugly grin on his face. The man has once realize. that day wasn’t just an accident. It was his brother... trying to murder him...
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