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Group NO.5 Munggorn
Group NO.5 Munggorn
Sasinan Archatewan
Sasinan Archatewan 3 days ago
There’s a girl named Marry. She hates to go to school because her teacher always gave her a lot of homework. One day, she decided to jump the school because she was very tired. Marry told her mom that she had a headache and stay in her room all day. When she went back to school in another day, she has a lot of work to do.
Luminous393 days ago
‪She could not figuring the way out of this. Marry was very stressful about this. Her body started shaking and her hands were unable to move, then she passed out. When she woke up, she was surrounded by all of her classmate but everyone of them has no facial expression or they lost thier emotion. Marrry tried to ask about what is going but nobody said anything.Marry felt scared,so she ran out of her classroom to see teachers ,but everyone was the same. She started crying while her teacher was bringing her back to her classroom and tied her with her seat while her classmates were looking at her.
Penelopia3 days ago
She cried and finally confessed of what she has done. The teacher didn’t seem so surprise with the confession of hers. The teacher said that she knew and also all of the classmate knew too. The teacher wanted to give Marry a lesson of lying to her in a live version of what’s going to happen if you’re runing away from the truth.
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