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Group NO.5 Munggorn
Group NO.5 Munggorn
Sport : Pim
Penelopia1 week ago
There was a time of war between the pink side and the red side. It started during the time of a sport week of the Princess school called LOO. All students were separated into big 4 groups and named all the group as natural resources. The orange called Thundera, the red called Mountainee, the blue called Skyaa and the pink called Coralaa. The school gave out a huge amount of money for each group equally.
Sasinan Archatewan
Sasinan Archatewan 1 week ago
The school target is to make the students harmonize but it’s turn another way. The big 4 group start to fight with each other because they want their team to win. And they also disputed in their team about the money each sports/activities should get. Some of the students ask other people for sponsors them too.
Luminous391 week ago
When the time had come, the director came in front of the four team and started announcing.There were 20 prizes , Coralaa got 2, Thundera got 10, Mountainee got 4 and Skyaa got 4. Thundera screamed like a beast after they heard that they won the most. Unfortunately, the rewards that they got were just a big cheap box of candy then they figured out that why they really had to fight with each other for just a cheap box of candy.
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