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Group NO.5 Munggorn
Group NO.5 Munggorn
(Horror) The Forest
Luminous396 days ago
There was a cursed forest in Khon Kaen, people believed that there were many spirits that hadn’t been reborn yet so they still haunted people who passed by. Jim and Tommy, they were friends, they didn’t believe in ghost so they decided to go to the forest.Jim told Tommy to meet at the front of the forest at 1o’clock night.Once they met, they didn’t hesitate to get inside the forest and this decision would be the worse decision ever in they life once their feet touched the ground of the forest.
Penelopia5 days ago
They stepped in without any fear. They started the challenge that was very againsive to the ghost, which is the called them out loudly with out any respect. Jim quickly volunteered to do the challenge. The first called of the ghost seemed like nothing really happened. So then it’s Tommy turn to called out the ghost..
Sasinan Archatewan
Sasinan Archatewan 5 days ago
The second time Tommy called out the ghost there was something strange. The wind started to blow harder and the clouds started to hide the moon light. Jim and Tommy feel fear, they decided to get out of the forest but no matter how long they walk it seemed like they go back to where they were. In the morning, their parents go out and find them but no one has ever seen them again after that day.
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