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Lucid Dream
JanixG1 week ago
I remember... I was walking in a busy streets of New York. Great scent of coffee floated out of various coffeehouses, giving a sense of relaxation despite how crowded the streets was. Everything was in their place... well, until I met her. Suddenly out of nowhere, there was this person - a girl. She appeared in front of me. I was about to bump into her. “S-sorry”, the apology slipped out from my lips immediately. However, she responded with an unexpected giggle, “Soo, you still don’t realize it yet”. I gave her confused expression. “Hehe,” She began to explain. “Right now you’re dreaming silly! And I’m just a character in your dream.”
Isaree1 week ago
She's very shocked and take a long time to think. She thought about it many times and get confusing. She started to talk to a girl who said that she is the character in her dream. She asked "who are you and why we were here." After Silly said, the location was change again and again. A girl answer "You can go to everywhere you want and do everything you want but I have to go with you too."
BlueDevil1 week ago
Silly asked her “ You can go with me everywhere right, so can you go with me to the reality not just in the dream. ”. The girl said “ Sorry, Silly but i’m your imagination I can not go to the reality with you it not right.”. Silly felt sad and try to make that girl become real. That girl can’t saw silly look sad so she choose to erase Silly memory about her. “Silly, i’m Sorry I love you I can’t watch you torture your self. Thank you and Goodbye” then the girl slowly disappear. Next morning Silly woke up and told her mother about the weird dream.
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