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Chan Chan
Chan Chan
SCKFC4 days ago
     Fare is a student in KKW, who was enjoy his life in high school. Last day in school, my parents asked me for a travel. Unfortunately,  i will missing my friend. we decided to travel to Japan. " I'm so afraid to sitting on a plane," Fare said. The cloud was dark and a rain was falling down. Finally we reached Japan airport in the afternoon.
Tong4 days ago
Then we was thinking about our plans, what should we go?, what should we do? Then we realized that we forgotten to feed the dogs before we leaved, it's was a disaster for us all, we don't know what should we do to them. But we need to relaxing with ours trip. Then my mind was said to acting like we didn't knowns about ours dogs till we went home, But i am affaid.
Zazarian4 days ago
I’m tried to not think about the dog and enjoy the trip. In Japan, the language is sound very strange to me, but the food is very good. We traveled to many city and famous places, and the last day is coming.
When I’m arrived my home I found that my dog still alve, because my neighbors take care of them, which made me feel very happy.
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