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Chan Chan
Chan Chan
Zazarian1 week ago
My day was started with chaos, someone was left the 2 kittens in the front of my house. I decided to take care of them for a while, so I took them to the kitchen to give them some milk. However, when I put them on the ground, they both ran around the room and started to breaking things.
SCKFC1 week ago
@Zazarian, I was showing those guys to my dad and looked like he love these cat though, so i name these guy "Hansolo" and "Hanji". 2 years later in the rainy season, Hansolo was missing in the house i think it's becase of the thunderbolt made Hansolo scare and ran away. Unfortunately, we couldn't find him. Hanji was sitting there and wait for his friend to came back.
Tong1 week ago
Next morning, his friend Hansolo have come back home with bruised. Hanji was very absentd about that, telling by his face. He want to ask Hansolo what's happen to him but by his much caring to Hansolo, he just only satiated to Hansolo. And then he realized that he can't ask Hansolo because there are not the same species, telling by Hanji's face again.
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