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Chan Chan
Chan Chan
Tong3 days ago
Long time ago one greatest teacher had alive, he was the one who changed the world for ever, and he made this world is a better place. He just normal guy, like us but the way he thinking for his life style it's just fabulous. He teached us about how good of ours life, and make us known "The life is just fantasy".
Zazarian3 days ago
He is not an intelligent, but he have a heart of kindness. Once, when I’m teenager, at that time life was so hard for me, I have to do many works and exam to get to the University. And he helped me, not only in school, but he hleps me to past that hard time, and he made me feel that I want to be the teacher like him.
SCKFC3 days ago
@Zazarian, The time had past everyone was growing up even Teacher. He was near to retiring and the only thing that he'll leave to us was knowledge. Sadly after he retired, he past away in hospital.
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