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The Reviewer's Society
The Reviewer's Society
My book is complete and people have finished it but no review:(
Dlofc843 weeks ago
I have finished my book Curse of the Reaper and a few people have finished it. I have hit 107 reads but I still haven't had one comment or one bit of feedback. I am frustrated to no end. The only feedback I have got is from the beta readers I have direct contact with here at home. Please review my book and tell me what you think.
Cynderz1 week ago
I'll have a look through it for you and tell you what I think. Could you do the same with me, I want more opinions on people's perspective of the characters, plot and what people want to happen next. I also want people to ask questions. So yeah I'll start looking through yours and you can read mine.
Dlofc841 week ago
I definitely can. I love to read through peoples works. I am still waiting on several people to post more because they have me hanging in the works on their stories.
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