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Short Story
Reason To Live

Did you know each one of us is different from one and another, I mean I’m not the only one who said it but there’s really strong bound between me and these words.

First of all I want to say I am not a strange kid but there is always been something else. I can’t say something special because I am not the judge of that. Do you remember when we were kids most of times we were so much happy living in our lives because there was no responsibility, no pressure and no regrets. You know why, because we didn’t know what is this, what life is, what ahead of us. We just doing what we think we supposed to do it’s just like we are trainers in a new job we follow and do what our bosses tell us to do we don’t ask any question actually truth is we can’t.

Then as time goes on we start to grow physically and mentally start to realize how all this works. Then slowly we have to take responsibility, each one of us have to carry our own weight and Stand for ourselves because there is people who believe in you, . So you have to do it either way for you or them.

”Sometimes I wonder Am I really enjoy living my life or I am just wasting my whole life for others” These are the most effective words to me in this world. This not any kind of wise words said by wise man maybe it’ll be one day who knows. I think about this few little words everyday, Now I don’t even think about it cuz it’s just in my head like all the time repeating and repeating to myself. Actually there is a real story behind these words that stuck in my head.

Few years ago I broke my arm, it was an accident I fell off from my bike I was 14 back then. I had to stayed in home for 2 months until I fully recover, it was pretty serious with my hand. That time I didn’t had anything to do, so I spent most of my time watching movies and TV and sometimes I think, I don’t remember what I thought about exactly but one day something crossed my mind. I started to wonder what will my future be like. One though leaders to another then I start think about everything, what i’m gonna do in few years, where i’m gonna live, can I have a successful career, am I talented enough, like these. I felt so much pressure on me that day, I didn’t even had any of these situation in reality but I felt the stress in those moment. Then I started to think I have to face these things one day and I have make decisions for my self like a grown man, But what I really wanted to do was feel better, so I told my self ” You don’t have to worry about any of these now you are just a kid, forget about all these things and live in the moment”, but part of me really wanted to do something about it. So I started to think again and again until I found out what I really want in my life. That’s when I realized most of these people don’t really enjoy doing what they do. They just doing those for others, just to make them happy, their family, their parents and their love ones. They are just wasting their whole life doing what they don’t like to be doing because they think if they don’t, they gonna let down the people who believe in them.

That day I decided I am not gonna be that person, I am not gonna let down my loves either, So from that day I start to enjoy life doing what I like, I’m totally changed to a new person from one I used to be and I get to understand one important thing about life, no matter you enjoy life or not, you have to sacrifice your time for other, that’s how this works, that’s how life work. That’s how we get a reason to live and that is not Time Wasting that’s how we find a reason to Live.

So enjoy doing what you like in this short life then you will find a reason to live.

Written by: Banusha Yasminda

[important note : This whole article i’m talking about what I think about this life so there could be little difference about certain things from what you believe in]

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