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Young Adult
Ask Me How

Out with the old, in with the newBegins with a prodigy that is long overdue A young kid with heart, flare, and passion He grew up as a ruffian, loved to take action But what's the point if you're a kid with no money?No fresh kicks, ragged clothes, looking funny Walked home alone every day being enraged Cuz no one would even call him by his name Never was taught there's a savior whom he can call Never had a figure so he'd just stare into the wallsPainting pictures thinking of joyful laughs and happy singing Narrating stories of himself in new beginnings He'd say, "I'm a gentle giant with anger issues "Thinking of last week, amazing how people mistreat you They say every situation has a lifelong lesson Well if someone hits me one more time, imma have bad intentions I viewed Iverson and Superman as confidence buildersAlong with the wise and insightful words of master splinter He said, "sustain your anger and you'll find your hidden talent "And soon you'll find power and make everyone feel the silence I am a young warrior ready to fight like the Trojans This plot tends to remind me of Spartacus vs the Romans It's a classic story between the creation and its creator If you’re too educated than you become the forsakerHe’s way too smart, demeanors too cool it’s frightening I’m the rose growing out the pavement; it’s enlightening Many of my friends didn’t reach graduation Ricochet bullets, drugs, and even incarceration I fought the temptations and rose above allAnd now I stand tall, I have no intentions to fallWhen I return back home I remember the odds were stackedI’ve grown to an intelligent individual who happens to be black All the blood, sweat, and tears I shedded didn’t faze me The blemishes and scars were all things that molded meSo before I leave with a peace sign and chow If you have any questions don’t ask me why ask me how