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    Nicholas Scriptor
    Nicholas Scriptor
    *Formerly known as Kama Blades, for those who weren't here at the start of my journey here Hopefully, I don't have too keep updating this. As most know, I'm a poet first and foremost. I hope the poems I bring to you all will help you when you need it most. As for my stories and other works, when I make them, I hope that you'll all have the patience to give me. Thanks, and I hope to support you all. I'll never turn down a good person. I hope that you'll look at works posted by: MarkTwain2.0 (The best person here) A. Kauf Mira Esfandiar C. Hale geeky_greeky_nerd Hrishikesh Jay Ellis AIKEN RampantStrawberry Foreign_Oreo :) Bello Escrita Avisha Rasminda 2ignature Sm1ley-Face Cloud
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My Life, My Tale, Your Ears

For you who know me not, I am a teen who lives a very different way than my peers. When I say this, I don’t mean I am a superhero or live a secret life, but people don’t truly know who I am or how I think when they meet me. In this series of poems, which I hope I can keep updating, you’ll be able to see the world the way I do, and whether you agree or not, this is how I see it. Everyone is welcomed to their own opinion, and everyone has a story to tell.