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    Tiena Genest
    Tiena Genest
    I am a rising author that is looking to get my works published. I write paranormal romance that is for a mature audience only as well as just plain fiction that has hints of adventure and mystery. One book which is Dark Nights is already popular on Wattpad with 200 reads and counting so I had decided to broaden my horizons and post some of my stories somewhere else as well to see what others think.
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The Pagan Witch

Bellatrix Blackwood is a pagan witch who has lived since 1848 when the creation of Spiritualism was first taking root to this present of 2017 on the streets of New Orleans, home of voodoo and every dark and mysterious. But she is not an ordinary witch she is a witch that communicates with the dead for money. She helps those find the real answers behind deaths that shouldn't have happened. After making a successful business for herself Bellatrix thought everything was going good in her unnatural long life until he showed up....again. Angel Whitaker is a widowed husband who lost his first wife in violent fire and then his most recent wife in Hurricane Katrina. Angel has had nothing but bad luck since he turned 26. His first wife was his high school sweetheart who he got pregnant. His second was a model he had worked with doing international photo shoots. Losing both of the women he loved in such ways was something he could not bring himself to believe. The police did nothing. He wanted answers for both deaths weren't to happen. He wanted answers. When Angel walks into Bellatrix's store, sparks fly in varying degrees, hatred and attraction. The two have met before. Bellatrix was the woman he scorned for the woman he got pregnant and then again for the international model. No love was lost between the two. Bellatrix's haters for the things Angel has done puts her business and friendships at risk. Angel's attraction towards Bellatrix leaves him stunned and unable to focus on getting to the bottom of what was happening in New Orleans. Two people drawn to each other. Passion and dangerous times spark between the two. Will they be able to put the past behind them and find out the truth? Why is there so much bad blood? And why are they so drawn to each other.

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