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    Esfandiar C. Hale
    Esfandiar C. Hale
    Hey, I'm Hale. Just collapsed into this website out of nowhere. I'm loving it here. Made new friends. ❗❗❗IMPORTANT - Only have one account, there are impersonators 'round here ✒️ Pronouns: she / her ✒️ Sexuality: In constant change ✒️ Favorite books are :- - Shadowhunters series - Throne of glass series - Michael Morpugo's books - Goodnight Mr. Tom - To Kill a Mockingbird - Red, White & Royal Blue ✒️ Favorite color: Purple ✒️ Favorite drink: Nutella Milkshake ✒️ I write all kinds of stuff "Let's get one thing straight. . . . I'm not." Also, books are life. GO FOLLOW: Cheeto Jay Ellis MarkTwain2.0 Kama Blades Foreign_Oreo :) geeky_greeky_nerd Julia Hope Mira RampantStrawberry ItsAmelia 2ignature Sm1ley-Face
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Burn It Down

Greetings bros, foes, gals and pals!

Now, this story came out of nowhere. Well, it came from somewhere but it was quite sudden. Esfandiar C. Hale's blog, issue #18, it's about her wanting to burn her grandfather's house down. If you check the comment section then you would find out how this story came life. 

To sum it up: It's Esfandiar's fault.  

Esfandiar : And Kama's! He was the one who wanted to write a whole ass book about it! 

Mira : Nah mate, this is on you. You're the one that wanted to burn down a house first. 

Kama : Look, all I’m saying is that as a scholar it’s my job to record everything that happens. You are the one who wanted to burn it down. And rob that bank. . . 

Berry : ​​​​​​​Dude I just wanted to be the driver

Twain : ​​​​​​​Can we all stop arguing so I can go blow something up?

Esfandiar : ಠ_ಠ 

Hope you enjoy this beautiful baby we call - 'Burn It Down'. 

You guys can also check out our blog for 'Burn It Down'. The blog includes character profiles, visual representations of the characters, specials, extras, a possible Q&A session with the characters and many more! 

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Esfandiar C. Hale

Nicholas Scriptor


MarkTwain 2.0 

Rampant Strawberry