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    Hello! I go by the name of Feza and am a 21-year-old enby agender who's both a writer and an artist. writing Is fun, writing is tiring, but in all days and work, it is worth it! ^^ I love creating ideas that are set in a fantasy world of creation. I don't do well in non-fiction worlds, sorry. Though when it comes to reading, it can be almost anything; however, it seems like my taste in fantasy and romance genres are still a go. But I'll enjoy other genres if they fit what I like in a story. If not, I'll move on and find a story I like best, and then the cycle continues. Back to writing my own stories, I love writing fantasy themes with some sparkle of romance, action/adventure, or other genres that fit into the concept of the story. I do have trouble putting limits on my story when putting certain themes into them, so you've been warned about that subject. For now, I gotta get back to working on projects! Good luck on your own story adventure and have a good day / night! ^^ See you soon.
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Twist & Turn

Nothing is peaceful in a world that is always in a cycle of war. There will be twists and turns here and there; and nevertheless, the races there aren't going ot be nice to one another.
Roa is the planet's name as its inhabitants are not quite sure about one another.
Humans once ruled over this planet alone until they discovered creatures that could shapeshift with powers beyond their understanding. So, they took a friendly approach to them by declaring war with their capture methods towards The Folks. 
The war between humans and The Folks has been going on for centuries on end. Some hide while others fight for their entire race. However, it seems like they are on the brink of extinction with how much humans want to capture and get rid of them. Though, will that happen in the near future with the chosen folk for the job?

Read alongside characters who will journey through their stories with the main plotline riding along with them.


This story was created out of an old roleplay with an ex-friend years ago, I have replaced every of their oc with my own so it wouldn't be seen as copying their OCs. (and possibly redone the entire plotline in it that strayed so far from the original roleplay) 

I hope anyone who comes across this finds this story interesting to their liking, if not, then it's alright. Story updates may vary either from two chapters per month to one chapter per month, or sometimes even one per week. 

Hope you guys enjoy my work! ^^

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