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A ordinary young girl...[Chapter 1]


Young girl...

Emiko Kanako, a 15 year old girl who befriends two girls in her class, Lylia Madoka and Sayuri Asami. He lives with his family in a fantasy world. But something will change when he wakes up... to reality...

Emiko was awakened by her alarm, she looked at her cell phone. I'll be late for school now! in his mind. He rushed to the bathroom and after he finished putting on his clothes he ran down the stairs. "Mom! I'm going to school now!" Emiko said and then her mother replied, "You're not going to have breakfast?" and he said "No, I don't want to be late again!" his mother replied "Be careful! And don't forget to bring your lunch!". After he prepared a bit, he ran to his school.

In this world you can have anything you want like making a sandwich. Everything here is not normal, meaning it is more different from the normal world. In this fantasy world there are many unique animals and people. You can have your own super powers and looks. And of course Emiko's school is full of something unique of course.

At school she was tired of running. On her desk is a bouquet of flowers, for...Emiko. She looked at the flower and she saw there was a note "I hope you enjoy this flower, Emiko." I was wondering who put this on my desk... flowers were all she could think of in her mind. When it happened to her about eight years ago, a tragedy that caused both of her parents to die in a plane crash... two years after that her older sister also died caused pushed over a cliff. Tragedy left her alone, but not until one day...

Six years ago...

Emiko was awakened by her alarm, she went about her routine. It's getting late, I better hurry... she told herself. She finally arrived in front of his school, she just needed to cross the street. She looked left and right to make sure no vehicles were crossing the road. And then she looked at the school gate her friends were waiting for her, waving at her... Emiko also waved back at her friends. Little did she know a car was about to hit her, but it was too late. The car went out of control, she couldn't avoid it and then...A car hits her and she can't be saved even she has the power to rewind time, but it's too late for that.

After the tragedy she had to live alone because her family had abandoned her. Her whole family has completed their mission. Emiko's mission is to protect her own school from any danger she becomes aware of.

She has her own office at her school but it's a bit hard to find, so when she has to go there she has to find some books that open the door between the secret room and her office. In her office there is a bookshelf almost filled up with book, her favorite novels. There also a few portrait of her family an her friends, seeing one of those making her remembered when she was still alive.

After she finished protecting her school for eight years, her mission was complete. And after that she could leave in peace, or maybe when someone would kill her, she could also leave in peace. For that it's safe for now because the danger only approaches the school at midnight. Sometimes she finds souls, human souls. She takes the soul and eats it alive, sometimes she also puts it in a jar for no reason.

Sayuri Asami and Lylia Madoka

Sayuri Asami and Lylia Madoka are one of Emiko's friends. They always bickered over little things, Emiko was a bit stressed if she kept on bickering like that. Emiko always knew that one day one of them would cry.
 Sayuri had said, "Let's set up a shop together! We can raise money and give away. Why don't we give it a try? We can sell our sticker packs and art." and... they never do that, for sure. When they was in 6th grade, they sometimes bought candy and pencils from each other. Sayuri sometimes sells stickers meanwhile Lylia sells snacks and pencil and...

Emiko sells her art, but few people buy her art. Sometimes he just looks at the price list and thinks why don't people buy my art? is it too boring? is this too childish? Am I... even... good enough for this? She tries to create online promotions but still, nobody buys her art. So she decided to keep her art to herself. She is also looking for a profession she likes but also earns a lot of money. But, she almost gave up because that couldn't help her, she always thought what will I become one day?

-​​​​​​​Chapter 1 complete-

Thank you for reading to the end of the story! Chapter 2 coming soon!
I'm starting to run out of ideas for the chapter 2, let me know in the comments if you have any!   - written by Ordinary girl​​​​​​​

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