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    Hi! So, this is my second account. You may know me as ItsAmelia, but I'd like to do something a bit different, and this is where I will continue to do my work here on Penana. Consider following my friends: RampantStrawberry Jay Ellis Maddox Estandfier C. Hale MarkTwain2.0 Mc_reader/writer Julia Hope Cheeto Mira 2ignature Sm1ley-face (sis!) Southern Squid geeky_greeky_nerd Kaylee Coldbrew AuliveSofya Marcelo Blanco Lord_Hellstrande Ally_Futuras Eli Artha Aserilla1 bunnybear Lamington Crimson_Vixen Demons_Muse A. KAUF FoxyColin Phantom_Jason_Voorhees04 henfryer Ntando925Sibiya My pronouns: (they/them, he/they) Panromantic asexual demiboy? (Still not really sure of my gender identity yet, but I like this title for now?) Have a good day and remember to love each other always!
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The Quest of the Six: Across the Sea

So, the children of the prophecy have made it to the shores of Hilgaria. They’ve traveled a long way from their homes. Now that they have figured out where they need to go next, they just have to get there. But there’s just one problem; a body of water stands in their way. The Waters of Abdomes. If they make it across these waters they still have to get to Duelgestein and claim the prize that must not be named. 

But with their friend, Skylar, presumably dead, they don’t know what to do. They also have a friend who could be part of the prophecy as well. But Luke isn’t so quick to accept the replacement of someone he loves. And he holds out hope she’s out there somewhere. 

With Boromir dead, they can finally relax. Fewer attacks are being brought on them since the Dueglesteiner’s leadership is gone. 

But can they make it? Will they find the prize?

Or will they fail and die trying?