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    Welcome and Thank You for visiting my little corner here on the website.
    JRose is my pen name. I'm genuinely just a bored teen trying to make the most of my existence.
    I've tried to create stuff and novels in the past, but never felt as motivated as I feel right now. I have no idea why. I've just recently joined, and I already truly enjoy this site and the individuals there.
    I like to be creative in a variety of ways, including baking, jewelry making, writing (surprised? ), and digital art.
    I also enjoy roller skating, reading, cheerleading, spending time with my closest friends, and time listening to music.
    My dream career is to be a pastry chef, but being an author would be cool too.
    Natasha Preston's The Fear and Luis Lowerys The Giver are two of my favorite books.
    Guess that's all there is to it…

    Please leave comments and likes!!!! I encourage suggestions!!!! It brightens my day every time I get them.

    My current major project is titled 'Daddy's Money.'
    But I also get sidetracked and begin writing short stories. I primarily write Young Adult Romance.
    I also have several blogs here....there...um...something

    In order of favorite to least favorite, here are my current projects:
    Mad Murder Masquerade, Daddy's Money, The Cake Fail.

    Take this if you want to.

    Check out my Spotify (Jadyn_Rose_Music), where I generate playlists for all of my books!
    Daddy’s Money playlist

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    Everyone Im following and Me (please)

    Have an Amazing day.
    P.S. I'm here for you if you ever need to talk of a listening ear or reading eye I guess...
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Daddy’s Money
PG On Break

"Daddy's Money" is a heartwarming tale of love, loss, and redemption. Margaret has always known a life of privilege and luxury, courtesy of her wealthy father. But when he gets caught embezzling money, Margaret's world comes crashing down. Forced to leave her old life behind, she moves to Michigan and starts over from scratch. 

Despite the difficulties, Margaret finds herself falling for Samson, a charming country boy with a passion for caring about animals and art. As they work together on a project, their relationship blossoms, and Margaret starts to feel like she's found a place where she truly belongs. 

But will Margaret's past come back to haunt her? And can she learn to navigate her new life without relying on her father's money? "Daddy's Money" is a delightful story about finding love and finding yourself.

How this book is coming alive:

I'm outlining the entire novel in a notebook and writing the initial drafts there.

The second Draft is being written on Google Docs and then posted here.

Then I will edit the whole thing on Google Docs. (3rd draft)

When I'm finished, I'll update here with the third draft.

(thank you copy and paste)

Writing requires so much effort. Why do I choose to abuse myself in this way? I'm fine, it's okay. 

I will be adding more chapters at random times.

*If you could comment on what you think suggestions are very much welcome and wanted thanks!!!

The link to the Spotify playlist I listen to well writing it has the vibes of the book.

Click here for the Spotify Link!