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All For You

17 year old Julian Ross has a tendency to do anything his friends want him to. He follows the crowd and has a difficult time making decisions for himself. With an abusive father, a low self confidence, and a lack of money, he starts to find himself starting to hate life. Until he finds a friendship with someone he least expected it.


There are some trigger warning topics mentioned in this story. Drugs, swear words, alcohol, abuse, bullying just to list a few. 

I came up with the idea for this story when i was 13, I am 23 now, and decided that I can do it justice by adding more elaboration into my ideas. Back then, the entire story was written on like 3 Word pages, which was a decent amount- but I am a semi-better writer now, or at least I hope.

 I am not entirely sure how or where this story will go, but I am bored, and I wanted to dabble around.

The story is in first person, some people hate that, but I am not looking to change the story into third person. Typically when I write I do third person, but I feel like it doesn’t do Julian justice to have the story being told from an outside source.

I have NOT proof read any of this, so I apologize for things that have errors, don’t sound right, or are confusing. Point them out if you see them I guess.

I would appreciate any (and all) feedback anyone would/could leave. I appreciate constructive criticism, the more brutal/honest the better. I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a writer. 

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