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    Avisha Rasminda
    Avisha Rasminda
    Avisha Rasminda is a young poet and writer, whose writing delves into the intricacies of life in all its forms. With a focus on both non-fiction and biography, Rasminda self-published his debut book "I'm In A Circle," while also exploring the worlds of crime and fantasy writing. Rasminda began honing his craft during his teenage years, and now, at 23 years old, has brought his unique voice and perspective to the literary world.

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Pain In Your Eyes
G Completed

Pain on your Body

Pain in your eyes

Makes me wanna go away

Remember saying

Can do a lot of things in one day

If you got paper Money

Is it true Or Not?

Y’ll need to know, waiting for the guess what will be the information about your journey

Till the end of your thoughts, there will be dust on your knee and mud on your feet

Prayers will be on your side, complexity got into your mind

Please be there for us too when we got alone in the middle of the tunnel

We all were looking for a cave to be safe from this modern world

Looking out a shelter to cover dry eyes

Raining covered our eyes but couldn’t help with our hard times

We were slipping away with our cried tears on cold nights

It’s got me think a twist about this beautiful and sadness mankind

The existence of this whole way of life got me into the walk of life

Way of living is the hardest thing we’re recognized

Is it true or not?

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