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    Nicholas Scriptor
    Nicholas Scriptor
    *Formerly known as Kama Blades, for those who weren't here at the start of my journey here

    Hopefully, I don't have too keep updating this. As most know, I'm a poet first and foremost. I hope the poems I bring to you all will help you when you need it most. As for my stories and other works, when I make them, I hope that you'll all have the patience to give me. Thanks, and I hope to support you all. I'll never turn down a good person.

    I hope that you'll look at works posted by:
    MarkTwain2.0 (The best person here)
    A. Kauf
    Esfandiar C. Hale
    Jay Ellis
    Foreign_Oreo :)
    Bello Escrita
    Avisha Rasminda
    2ignature Sm1ley-Face
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    **Account inactive**

    Hello, dudes, my name is Calix and I've got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match.

    You can call me Twain, Mark, M, or Calix. I don't really care.

    I am a Youngblood, Killjoy, Hustler, Sinner, Idiot, Astronaut, Blinker, Reject, Parader, and World Eater

    Emo Trinity kid.

    Been on here for two years, and I ain't planning on going anywhere.

    My DMs are open.

    Always happy to talk and exchange writing advice.

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    Call me Avian. I write for fun and I write for the hate that I'll get. I know that I'll get it, you can't just avoid hate. I am super open to comments and suggestions. I have loved to write ever since I was young. Getting through school, I add personal connections through my writing and I picture myself as the main character, putting myself in their shoes. Here we are. If you don't like what I write, I'm sorry. Just to tell you I'm weird as heck. I love to sing and write music too! I'll 100% be active and let y'all know what I'm doing and listening to. I'm weird like that. I'm a simp. It's what I do. I simp. And Simp. And Simp. I love to write because it's like a whole world that is being thrown at me! It might take me a while to update, considering I'm working on 26-29(?) unfinished stories. I AM TRYING! Check out my spotify! I make playlists for all of my writings! https://open.spotify.com/user/ojcam1ckzeqb6paa9ci815sdz?si=8e9d1a190aa046e5
    Thank you
    And Don't forget. . .
    Write On My Loves
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We are the Villains

Everyone has been betrayed before. Whether it was small scale or large. But few have had their lives shattered before. And sometimes, in order to combat the betrayals you've been plagued with, you need to take matters into your own hands. Such is the tale of these three. They are the villains, but who'll stop them?