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Song of Fairies

There are things no one was meant to see, and darkness that should never have been given living form. 

"That the world is coming to an end has long since been a dead issue. Everyone has heard of it. Those who have seen it know what the truth is, those who haven't either believe it or not. Either way, no one really cares. We shattered reality itself to shards, but even the apocalypse could not make a difference. Those who are lucky enough to live well don't care about other people's misery or how the world collapses, not even if their own children will have nothing to inherit but ashes and fear, and no matter how much power they have, they only use it for their own benefit, while bringing suffering to others. And the worst is, no matter what nightmarish old or new ideologies they use to justify their deeds, the flock will follow. In the end, the story is always the same."

This is the story of a broken world haunted by the deepest horrors of the human soul, relentless persecution and superstitious hatred, a fanatic war against everything that is not human, and the damned who oppose and never yield to fate. This is not a fairytale.

What to expect:

A deep dark medieval high-fantasy with elves, dwarves, fairies and demons, magic and swords, romance and hatred, and a post-apocalyptic world. This is not a fanfiction of any sort, it's an original story that popped out from my head, and it's very dear to me. I am really happy if you find it worth reading!

Please read the short "Good to know" chapter before you dive in!