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    I wrote four Linkle stories on FanFiction.Net, and I'm going to copy and paste them onto here to share the love!

    Also, you may call me Kokiri, Hylian, Hero, any variation of the three, Ko, or Koko, whichever one you like best!

    Oooookay, last year I got to within sixty-two words of the NaNoWriMo goal and only got the participation badge, but I'm trying again this year...This Time For Real!
    Lol, I finished and got 901 words more than I needed. XD

    I believe in God, find Trump repulsive, find yuri appealing, and I'm a Pokemon fan who just started struggling with names and already a friend has made me a cute little Pokesona, complete with a Mega Evolution form: https://britainniaopal.deviantart.com/art/Lopphox-or-Delpuny-707886437
    So yeah...not much else to add here.

    My FanFiction is here...somewhere?: https://www.fanfiction.net/~kokirihylianhero
    Yah, that works, so my FictionPress should be...oops!: https://www.fictionpress.com/~kokirihylianhero
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Linkle's Great Adventure

Once upon a while ago, I heard about Hyrule Warriors, sounded pretty interesting, and then...I heard about Linkle, read about her on the wiki, and thought something along the lines of, "You know, most fanfiction is based off something already there, and most HW characters already have a game, save Linkle...so what is the game she's from, what's her story before she stumbled into this adventure of warped time and space?" Thus, from what I knew of her in the wiki, I began to carve her story on FanFiction.Net.

This is Linkle's Great Adventure, and will explore her Hyrule, using only what I knew from her story on the wiki, and the scenes of her story on YouTube (I did a little research after a while) but I wanted to make this so it could stand alone from the game in which she debuted. I've also made some OCs to give a little extra vitality to her world.

And before I leave, I would like to credit The Unplanner from FanFiction.net for his involvement and support in this story, though IDK if he's on this site, too.

Basically Imma just copy and paste what exists on FF to here to share this story with more people.

FF.Net Summary: She was just a girl from a small village, watched over the flock of cuccos the village depended on for it's main income, but in her heart she was the Spirit of the Hero, reborn as a cucco shepherdess, and her grandmother's compass-she didn't know how yet-proved this. She was the Princess of Hyrule, plagued by nightmares she feared to be prophetic. The Thread of Fate unwound.