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Another Chance For Love


You don't need to pretend Zoya! Logan shouted over the radio noise.

Zoya tucked in her lips, her heart ached and she suddenly wish she could be reborn back to the time when she was still a teenager.

She is completely baffled at how the only man she has ever loved was causing her a heartbreak that could never be diagnosed under the x-ray 🩻 machine.

In the past ten years, Zoya has learned to invest her time and emotion into the marriage, she hadn't had time for another soul, including herself. 

Her parents never supported her date with Logan and when he finally proposed to her, they clearly advised her to face her studies, as she was still 16 and had a bright future ahead of her.

But she had threaten them with running  away forever, & using the specs of been the only child into forcing them to accept her early marriage with Logan.

After she graduated high-school, Logan convinced her to be a full house wife and at first, the marriage was fit for her and no one else. He took her on multiple dates, shopping spree and vacations, he swept her off her feet that, she scrap the idea of furthering her education. 

Later on, Logan became a successful well-known business tycoon and got very busy with work, meetings and brand parties that, their time together became limited.

Whenever she whined to him about coming home late in the morning, he would wrap his arms more tightly around her boobs and give it a gentle squeeze. 

This tiny romantic gesture kept her mouth shut, of cause, she couldn't see the glare in his eyes every time he touched her or the disgusted smile on his face Whenever she reached for his belt, automatically hoping he complies with her needs.

I can go on a three months trip, she bargained, her voice discreet but sounding frail.

Through the mirror, she could seen the dirty smirk plastered on his face when she said that and pretended that everything looked normal between them.

Then she felt a tiny bump hit in the stomach, then, the pain turned sour but she didn't let out a sound of cry.

My sweet pretentions Zoya, I don't need you to think for me or go on a vacation,  he said leaning forward while staring deeply into her eyes.

Zoya couldn't see anything but plane hatred

She felt the rejection tenderly crawling into her shattered heart, she wondered if this love boat has crashed a long time ago.

She closed her eyes, she didn't want to regret choosing him, she couldn't help but remember how her father had been furious with her ten years ago, how her mom tried pacifying him, her moms interference got him to support the wedding but couldn't stop him from blocking all communications with her.

Can't you give us a try? She asked but her voice sounded more like a plea, she silently hope he could try again, as they have come this far to give up.

His lips moved closer to her ears, this isn't proper he muttered, Zoya parted her lips to protest but he squeezed her shoulders then shouted at her.

Taste change, people move on when it does happen he shrugged expressively.

What? She could see his mouth move but she couldn't hear properly because she has chosen to be deaf to his rejection. 

She crawled on the floor, desperately begging him to not do this to her, she felt a urgent need to save her marriage. 

Logan stepped on her hands, and grinded on it in circles, she swallowed the pain and watch her hands peel from the torture.

Logan stumbled back and spit on her, it landed on the injured hand, he picked the divorce papers up 📃 and threw it on her laps.

It's over Zoya.

Don't worry, you can keep the house cause I don't want to be stuck in the disgusting memories you have forced on me over the years. Sign that and I will have someone come get it in the morning he said before turning and backing out of the house 

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