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The Story of Her
Co-Writer Jane Glass*
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The Story of Her
The Story of Her

Hazel is a teenager, a Christian with an angry outlook, a girl who falls in a forbidden love, and a girl who faces death and other bumps in the long road that is life.

Total Reading Time: 1 minute


Miss Anderson - Can't wait until you start!
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - Going to try to start within a few months or so! And thanks for commenting! :)
1 year agoreply

Yohana Ekky - Certainly expecting to
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - Thanks, but I'm kind of nervous about writing it. It's not supposed to start out ideal or anything, it's supposed to be complicated and show a lot of emotion, especially with how she struggles as a Christian, but because of that I'm not sure if I should upload it. Kind of worried people will take it the wrong way.
1 year agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, Internet is another world where people have the right to publish their thoughts freely. Don't worry about it. Just give it a go. What I believe is that you can be an impact to others through your writings. And everyone is free to do so.
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - @Yohana Ekky,Thank you, I think I will then. :) You're right, after all. I'll get back to writing it, now that I'm feeling better about it. Thanks again. ^^
1 year agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, no problem. That's what a friend is for.😄
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - @Yohana Ekky, Hey, let me know when you need a friend, too, okay? ^^
1 year agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, that's a very kind of you. Of course I will!!! 😄😄 Thank you!
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - @Yohana Ekky,Np, friends help each other! :)
1 year agoreply