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The Werewolves' Howl
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The Werewolves' Howl
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The Invasion
Nov 9, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wquClXi5c9YbkFCu5hqCposted on PENANA

In the great city Arion, the piercing full moon was hidden by a cloud, and the peasants slept in their beds.  There was only a handful of Sentries around the castle gates; they were not expecting an attack.181Please respect copyright.PENANAOgYSkvS6iD
copyright protection177PENANAX7IDHc3aYR

Sir Airson, captain of the night patrol walked among the houses, his halberd- a spear with an axe head- across his soldier. He was eighteen, very muscular and tall for his age and was respected among the knights of the castle. He had long blonde hair, large jaw, and a crooked nose. He stopped as he heard a slight noise from an alley. He grabbed his halberd and approached the alley.copyright protection177PENANAtuhX6DUpI7

"Who's there?" Airson cried, and heard his shallow voice echo among the houses.copyright protection177PENANAzHiTmUnrcO

"Put that thing down." A girl walked from they alleyway, her hands raised.copyright protection177PENANA49WNNE0QPY

Airson lowered his halberd and said, "Ella, what are you doing around at this time of night?"copyright protection177PENANAHisZfzCaZl

She extended her arm and pointed at the clouds, "Tonight is the full moon."copyright protection177PENANAhy2AsouQQH

Airson wasn't worried by this at all, it was rare that a werewolf would turn wild at the full moon. The last time it had happened was a few years back. Werewolves turned into beasts of course, but they could usually control it.copyright protection177PENANAFVRBIEgIu5

"Going to the werewolves' watch?" Airson asked. The watch was a manor, a small castle with a flat roof on top.  Every full moon werewolves came from many different cities to get a good look.copyright protection177PENANAGcn9bDJOOI

"Actually, no," She sighed then continued, "Tonight is my guardian training."copyright protection177PENANA96hbGJzbzq

"Are you strong enough?" Airson joked, Ella was his age and he loved making her laugh.copyright protection177PENANASelJQ3n6MS

She stepped closer to him and said, "I am the best there." She smiled and looked at the almost full moon. "I should be going now," she backed away and headed towards the local barracks.copyright protection177PENANAct5ADgdm52

"Dang, she looks beautiful." Airson thought. Her very long brown hair fell to below her waist as she walked. He pictured her long eyelashes, her piercing green eyes, and a smile playfully stretched across her face.copyright protection177PENANA4e8lpO5ZZE

"Hey, I could go with you?" He said. She turned around and smiled, "Of course you can."copyright protection177PENANApRTLBKPYRB

Airson smiled back and walked next to her down the alleyway.copyright protection177PENANAR35WDIdR4i

After a few minutes of silence, they saw the barracks, Airson stepped back and looked at the moon, "I should continue my patrol," he said.copyright protection177PENANAT9w1uWPzWP

"Okay," Ella said disappointedly, "see you later."copyright protection177PENANAemG87hTWgK

Then the moon passed from behind the cloud, and Ella grasped her head.copyright protection177PENANAy8NE5rniir

"Ella, are you alright?" Airson asked, and then he realized, she was going wild.copyright protection177PENANABcA8d543F0

"Oh, no." He thought.copyright protection177PENANASTnz2uRVr8

Ella started growling, and then she started turning into a giant wolf.copyright protection177PENANAF0gtElU1Ec

Airson saw this everyday, but knowing she was going wild made it a lot scarier.copyright protection177PENANAtfp4nC9sGP

Her fingernails started turning themselves into fangs, hair started to grow all over her body. Her nose and mouth turned into a snout, and then she lunged at Airson.copyright protection177PENANAtzIQ9Kl0GM

Airson grabbed his halberd and swung it, it hit Ella right on the nose... "Ella," he thought, "try not to use her name."  The werewolf stumbled backwards and whimpered.copyright protection177PENANA8lNpOsKJup

Airson shoved his halberd forwards and shouted, "Back!"copyright protection177PENANAWXEl22YcvE

The werewolf however, had no such idea. It leapt forwards, and picked up Airson like a ragdoll. The beast threw Airson into the barracks wall, and he heard growling coming from the door...and scratching.copyright protection177PENANA1YdKPnvanb

"More than one wild Werewolf in one night?"  Airson thought, "Impossible."copyright protection177PENANAXwxKVldG5H

Then the door opened, and about twenty werewolves stumbled out, minds completely lost. Airson took his best bet, and ran. He ran up onto the gatehouse wall and rang the alarm bell. A werewolf jumped at him and he threw his halberd. It hit the beast in the snout and it fell to the ground. Airson drew his sword and ran. He jumped off the wall and ignored the flare of pain in his legs. He limped towards the nearest house and locked the door.copyright protection177PENANA51FKnHMlTi

Then he heard screams, and smelled smoke. He ran out the door and charged towards the nearest werewolf. As it lunged he sidestepped and brought his sword down on it's neck.copyright protection177PENANAZVgdF6AagY

Airson saw the high commander of the soldiers fighting the werewolves, it was three against one. Airson ran forwards to help him but a werewolf leapt at him. Airson ducked and kept running. He plunged his sword into one of the werewolf's hide, but it looked unharmed. Airson plunged it further, but the werewolf fought desperately against Airson's strength. Airson pulled his sword out of the werewolf's side and plunged it into the wolf's throat. He ran over to the general and shouted over the hubbub, "What happened to the guardians? I thought they were supposed to PROTECT the seven kingdoms. Not invade them!"copyright protection177PENANAleuSZqec6k

"I don't know." The old General was fighting desperately, his strength failing.copyright protection177PENANATclyWIgJ3a

Airson knew they couldn't win.copyright protection177PENANA135ihKoRVF

"We have to retreat into the forest!" Airson screamed.copyright protection177PENANAPgTk9SKo4R

"Your right, but we can't leave the city people to be killed! We have to get to the activation bell!"copyright protection177PENANAIY33x0MNKQ

"Leave it to me." Airson sprinted past werewolves and knights as he ran towards the gate. Then Ella the werewolf leaped in front of him. Airson slid in-between her legs and kept running. His lungs screamed at him, but he kept running. His legs begged in pain, but he ignored them and kept running. His head told him to stop, but he kept running. He ran up the wall ladder and rang the bell, creating a piercing sound. Airson ran past the gatehouse, the general right behind him. Then he looked back and saw the city in flames, all because of the werewolves that pledged to protect them, and Ella.181Please respect copyright.PENANAXgoRjt27W5
copyright protection177PENANAXLT34bNt2J

Then he heard the howl. The Werewolves' howl.181Please respect copyright.PENANAQ5XQ7a028x
copyright protection177PENANA8SZ2c9VXxZ

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