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Just a Mansion
By Flow
No Plagiarism!SPA75ElB8PGQg8WRCuZqposted on PENANA

Kira and Scrypt walked through the dark forrest that never ceased raining. The bronze haired girl was shivering and tired, knowing full well that she could get sick anytime soon.copyright protection147PENANAUtRhrEyNZA

The black haired daemonia seemed fine, taking his time in getting to his destination. Sometimes the man's eyes would shift side to side, having the sinking feeling that someone was following them.copyright protection147PENANA3RpDZvhl6p

"Um S-scrypt? I-is p-possible to get s- some place to r- rest? P-preferably with a roof." Kira's teeth chattered, her red shirt drenched. copyright protection147PENANAbNgrVciyGi

The man frowned, he needed to get the human to Widow as fast as he can. Especially since he was 97% sure someone has been tracking them. He began to say no, before realizing that Kira didn't seem like she can hold up much longer.copyright protection147PENANAZBMRTdvs1v

Ugh, he forgot that humans didn't have the same mechanics that daemonia had. Sighing, he tried to think of anything close by that could provide some shelter for the poor lass. Unfortunately the only shelter, was rumored to house a powerful ghost.copyright protection147PENANA24msHmXZH4

"There's a house close by, but it's supposively haunted." Scrypt tells her.copyright protection147PENANApTSFkNSDmz

"But, I have you." She smiled despite the downfall of rain and gloomy bare trees.copyright protection147PENANAVlaHd4VIwW

"Heh, that's true." The daemonia replies patting her head with a smirk. Still... he had never fought a ghost before, so he wouldn't know how to beat him.copyright protection147PENANAey1A1IXZIF

Soon the two arrived at the gate of a rundown mansion. It had faded white paint, cracked windows and various cobwebs littered around. Trying to keep a calm facade, Scrypt opens the door with a smooth smile.copyright protection147PENANA47yWNTKFw6

"Ladies first." He said as the teenage girl walked through with a nervous giggle. When the daemonia tried to go in however, there appeared to be an invisible wall.copyright protection147PENANAessp9Gt5pZ

When Scrypt banged on the wall a blue glow could be seen, though there was no sign of the barrier breaking anytime soon. Kira tried to get out as well, but remained trapped on the inside.copyright protection147PENANA2Dy3eAMbzu

"Kira, listen to me. The ghost is doing this so if you ask to be let out, I'm sure he would be okay with that." Okay. So Scrypt was lying through his teeth, but what else can he say to the terrified teen.copyright protection147PENANAQEBpApil4P

Kira nodded and started to find her way through the large mansion. Scrypt sighed, thinking Kira trusted him a little too much.copyright protection147PENANAsjhVJrBcw0

The brunette wandered around the mansion, a feeling of dread sticking to her the whole time. As she walked candles light up in light blue flames behind her, displaying a clear view of her surroundings. Despite the mansion's ratty outside, the inside was filled with marvelous decorations and was rather tidy.copyright protection147PENANAcyDLCRlo3V

The teen could her faint music playing eerily in the background. Sometimes she thought she saw a shadow pass over her, but when she looked no one was there.copyright protection147PENANATUAujbUCwY

At one point, she couldn't handle it anymore. The cold, the panic and the separation of her only ally was too much. So Kira huddled in a corner and began to close her eyes. Slowly, she fell into a dreamless slumber.copyright protection147PENANArYiIT19ueG

The ghost could sense her nearby, he could sense the woman who slain him. Looking out the window, he faintly saw the dark elf following a daemonia and a human in the darkness.copyright protection147PENANAvqf9cR0yg4

He couldn't let the purple skinned woman destroy another life. He let the human into his home, while locking the daemonia out with a barrier.copyright protection147PENANAu9Y4EifyUL

The ghost remembered a certain daemonia hunting him when he was alive, it wasn't exactly happy fun time. Why the chica was traveling with the demon hybrid was beyond him.copyright protection147PENANAxmKP4DQe84

He stealthily kept watch of her, making sure she was okay. Kira was obviously scared and overwellmed, but otherwise she seemed fine.copyright protection147PENANAVDvaMH2Nfi

Once she fell asleep, he used his magic to floated a blanket onto her for warmth and write a note. Satisfied that she appeared okay, the ghost went up to the room he resided in thinking how it was nice to have company again.copyright protection147PENANASKsQO693E4

Oh… company. Sue abandoned him for the chance of being a idol. Tears form in his eyes, was he really not a good enough friend. Why did she want more?copyright protection147PENANAPbqz1vdRJl

The ghost floated down onto the tacky blue carpet sobbing softly.copyright protection147PENANAWFZrPM9RAp

Kira woke up with a soft red blanket covering her. Looking at the clock above her, she realized she had gotten less than half an hour of sleep. Sitting up, she wondered how the the blanket had gotten on her.copyright protection147PENANAas9CjXIs1n

Until she read the note that slid off her stomach when she sat up.copyright protection147PENANAwQzXqAsDsc

Hi guest,copyright protection147PENANAZoRYQHLZzl

I don't know your name, but you seem chilling. I figured you were cold when you were asleep since you were all up and shivering, so I put a blanket on you. You like red, right? You were wearing it so, I just figured… sorry if I'm wrong. Anyway, you can keep it if you want. Ghosts don't really feel temperature, or a lot of things really.copyright protection147PENANAoJNxl7u4zv

I hope you feel better, you seemed cold and scared.copyright protection147PENANAs6m24MCxp5

Ben :Dcopyright protection147PENANAJotBnji8jR

​Ps. Styling clothes, I like the the fly combo. It's a lot less… rainbow than what most humans I know wear. Then again, I feel like styles have changed since I've been alive in the human world.copyright protection147PENANAuHBieXpJ1Z

Kira grinned to herself, the ghost was so much nicer than she thought he would be. The brunette jumped a bit when she realized that someone was crying. Wrapping the warm blanket around her, she climbed the many stairs that lead in the direction of the weeping sounds.copyright protection147PENANAfu6Bwao9HN

Kira blinked. The ghost or Ben, didn't look like she thought he would.copyright protection147PENANAercI2A2lJl

He wore a pale blue hoodie with darker blue and pale yellow graphic designs, loose grey jeans, multicolored sneakers and a pale beanie over spiked white blonde hair. His tearful eyes were a light blue, his skin nearly white and everything seemed almost transparent. copyright protection147PENANAcd2OwhLV0M

Ben nearly looked human, when Kira thought he would have the appearance of something in a horror movie. Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she went over and sat next to the ghost.copyright protection147PENANAVgh1RNcfXU

"Um… do you want a hug?" Kira asked after several minute went by with just the sound of the ghost sobbing. The ghost jolted upright, finally noticing that Kira was there.copyright protection147PENANA3cmgVpQXKz

"N-no… unless you've had a near death experience your arms will just go through. And that's hella uncomfort-" He stopped mid sentence, when Kira encased the ghost boy in her arms. The color of blue dusted his cheeks.copyright protection147PENANAjXNmLjDwfE

He forgot how much he liked hugs, it's been nearly ten years since Ben last had physical contact.copyright protection147PENANAjaUBcMpp2m

The two stayed in that position until a sound of a female could be heard shouting, filling the ghost with anger. Oh, he knew that voice and he was going to make that beeotch pay. If he were to make himself a contract, then he would be able to throw down Nyx without a problem.copyright protection147PENANAk5yGlu5brQ

"What's your name?" The ghost asked the brunette in a rushed fashion. Breaking away from the contact, the teen answered the question much slower.copyright protection147PENANALLOy7ARL76

"Will you help me defend my house from Nyx?" Kira nodded, though Ben noticed she appeared frightened.copyright protection147PENANAprhk2t6rS8

Taking a nervous gulp, the ghost leaned in pressing her lips against Kira's. At the gentle touch the girl's face exploded into a deep shade of razberry. The boy an equally awkward shade of dark blue. copyright protection147PENANAOcenTzRZLj

 This radical girl might not like him anymore, but it was the only way to form a contract. Much to the confusion of Kira, Ben and the flabbergasted girl started glowing. copyright protection147PENANAQw4E5bfXWm

And that's how Kira had her first kiss. In the middle of a thunderstorm, in a rundown mansion, on the floor with a dead teenager she just met.copyright protection147PENANA3mOlGQOMiH

How romantic.copyright protection147PENANAV6U9tNJlNu

Comments ( 11 )

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - So, it was more about the romance than the battle...I wonder if Scrypt got out alright?
1 year agoreply

Flow - Pfft, there is no feelings between them at this peticular moment. Ghosts form contracts by kissing( at least this) and the contracts make them much, much more powerful. Ben is just an incredibly nice and lonely person at this point in the story. 

Has as an incredible grudge against the dark elf that was following Scrypt and Kira and didn't want another life to be wasted, because of her. 

Scrypt is okay, because the dark elf knows the prince and her friend will be pissed if she hurt him. Also he's powerful and well known and respected figure so fighting him is not ideal
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @JellyKat, Well, at least everyone's okay, but I can't help but wonder where Kira and Scrypt were headed.
1 year agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero
They were getting from a mercenary named Widow. You can say there's conflict and those two are caught in the middle of it
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @JellyKat, Oh, wow, sounds intense.
1 year agoreply

Lata - So sad yet so romantic. I love this. 
1 year agoreply

Flow - How so?
They are a pairing in my actual story, but in this excert he only kissed her to form a contract. Mostly because it makes him more powerful if he has a contract, so he'll be able to defeat the dark elf that was lurking outside waiting to kill her pray. 

Ben is just a nice guy.
1 year agoreply

Rules Of Nature - Aw Ben best Ghost 
1 year agoreply

Flow - Ben is a lonely sweet heart
1 year agoreply

Rules Of Nature - @JellyKat, yes he is 
1 year agoreply

Flow - This is from something I'll never actually continue
1 year agoreply