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Kate Spade
By Flow
No Plagiarism!Y2ge5AYt9lqgT8YfFewnposted on PENANA

An asian boy with bronze hair stretched and yawned as he walked next to his girlfriend from parking lot. The shopping center in front of them was massive and it was clear that it held various types of stores. He was drowsy, which means he was quiet... for once.copyright protection149PENANAN4qvPnpwgd

"It sucks to be a nocturnal creature," Chatty stated, causing his girlfriend to snort.copyright protection149PENANA2fgjtlTsO3

"I'm surprised, you aren't curling up on the ground and sleeping you did in art class yesterday," Jay said, thankful the boy was awake enough to interact. The boy rolled his eyes, saying his next words in a completely serious tone.copyright protection149PENANANekGmiW2ws

"This ground doesn't have a carpet. Plus, the dirt would ruin my orange jacket," Chatty suddenly broke into a grin and slipped his hand into the pale girl's. "Besides, any alone time with my favorite girl is worth it."copyright protection149PENANApjxQOneeTu

"We're just getting a dress for me to wear at my aunt's wedding," Jay said curtly, though her face was an unattractive shade of a tomato that stood out on her unnaturally pale skin. copyright protection149PENANAsWJIfd49FS

He ran ahead and stood promptly outside the automatic door. It seemed that all of the drowsiness disappeared as he wildly gestured to the door.copyright protection149PENANAdt6xatP6wm

"Let's go. As soon as I get out of here, the sooner I can perfect my recipe for the upcoming cooking competition," his unenthusiastic words didn't seem to match his energetic actions. Jay laughed at the sight, putting a lock of long dark hair behind her ear. copyright protection149PENANAzWF6Nuu1Jo

"Let's get out of here quick then," she said calmly, putting an arm around her boyfriend's waist. She smiled softly, zoning out his constant chatter and gazing over shops that could have a dress that her stuck up aunt would approve of.copyright protection149PENANAwbkgUAtYJ9

Suddenly the asian broke away from her embrace and dragged his partner into a certain store along with him. It sold casual clothes with graphic designs for every type of fan and various other knick knacks. copyright protection149PENANAQXDXvNrlUY

"Why are we in here?" Jay asked, though she she wasn't exactly surprised. This was his type of style after all. He muttered something about a shirt that was in the window that he liked before talking enthusiastically to the blonde store clerk.copyright protection149PENANAHtUnAIR4JB

The blonde appeared baffled by the constant chatter and peered at Jay with an expression that screamed help. The pale brunette shrugged, giving  silent message that said to deal with it. copyright protection149PENANAsfMNvHnZF7

As the clerk handled her boyfriend, Jay started texting her best friend.copyright protection149PENANA9w5MuAAVVu

Jay: Yocopyright protection149PENANAUDYO0zxSDg

Clara: I thought you were on a shopping date or somethingcopyright protection149PENANAt6wgU1Xi1D

Jay: Will's not romanticcopyright protection149PENANAqb9vXE5yA1

Clara: Lol, he never wascopyright protection149PENANA3uE2jFBQxf

Jay: Dragged me into a store to buy a T-Shirtcopyright protection149PENANA61lChgEfyG

Clara: I'm at the beach, because I cheesecopyright protection149PENANASYR2tPGzng

Jay: Cheese?copyright protection149PENANABrLgt4V4Us

Clara: Can, goddamnit autocorrectcopyright protection149PENANAj1tFDLVi0u

"Hey, Jaewon. Let's get a move on," Chatty called to Jay, snapping her her attention away from her text conversation. She smiled, texting her goodbyes to her best friend. Jay grasped Chatty's freehand and made their way out the door.copyright protection149PENANAYSsPVWFBv2

"So where're we shopping?" the boyfriend asked, oddly considerate of the conversation.copyright protection149PENANAS7uDnYHi2C

"Well, I was thinking that we can go over there," the other asian said, pointing in a very general direction. Chatty scrunched up his eyebrows, confused as to what store it would be.copyright protection149PENANALmDf2h0Xz1

"Well, as long as it isn't Louis Vuitton or something..." he trailed off.copyright protection149PENANAryTUoOQ3qm

"I can't believe you're making me sit here while you try on overpriced clothing," Chatty muttered bitterly, while he received a few judging looks from the Kate Spade employees.copyright protection149PENANA6itAWRyD9B

Maybe it was his worn out orange hoodie or faded jeans, but the end result is them thinking he was a poor kid who wouldn't know fashion if i slapped him in the face. The only thing he could think of their very apparent thoughts, was that they were snobbish noodles.copyright protection149PENANAfVYTa0abYK

"Oh it's not that expensive," Jay said flippantly. Chatty walked to the nearest clothing rack and checked the tag on a tacky looking shirt. The shirt was a blinding white and multi colored lettered spelling "Happy."copyright protection149PENANAcqi6kGVbJl

"Babe, this is $148 and you could find a more comfortable version at Target," he wasn't wrong. Jay rolled her eyes and muttered a faint "fine." He dragged her out of Kate Spade and around the hallway until he stopped and stared at a certain masterpiece.copyright protection149PENANAxQE1qASZe2

"Don't tell me you're going to buy that c-," Jay was shut up by her boyfriend's excited gaze. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flip phone. Quickly dialing the phone number of his mother, he grinned and Jay sighed.copyright protection149PENANAAuXzn8zyjx

"Hey, can I get permission to buy something?" copyright protection149PENANAivXABihwt1

(To be continued)copyright protection149PENANAS1Rx2i7Vhm

Comments ( 6 )

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - So part two will be for L?
1 year agoreply

Flow - Yep
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @JellyKat, Okay, great! :-D
1 year agoreply

Lata - Part 2! please post part 2 soon. This is so cute.
1 year agoreply

Flow - They're precious
1 year agoreply

Flow - Before you ask, they had an entire novella dedicated to just their romance. 

No I will not post it here.
1 year agoreply