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By Flow
No Plagiarism!uIJROos70LJAwuGGeqgFposted on PENANA

Andy and I had been best friends, two young boys on whatever adventure was planned out in our imaginative minds. We refused to grow up, but maybe that was for the better. Because if we hadn't been such immature idiots at fancy rich folk party our guardians took us to, we probably wouldn't have left such an… unique first impression on you.copyright protection149PENANAVHjBRjIPv6

I'm sure you remember as we make this reference a lot. Andy and I were seeing how much wine we could put in a bucket before it got too heavy. Just as we turned to carry the thing off to dump on old man Gabe's head, we ran into you and your dress looked like it was covered in blood. copyright protection149PENANAJZOsQCRjKR

Worst thing about it? You ask for an apology and we just looked at you blankly. Andy even went to the length of calling you old, despite the fact that you were only a few years older than him. I hope you weren't mad at that since, well… Andy's blind. And the two of us together are a squad of ninjas idiots.copyright protection149PENANA4usAY8hdzx

You hated us for the longest time, always trying to berate us on things we did wrong. Didn't matter Andy kept me happy, always laughing and having funny. He was my sunshine and you know how that song goes? Yeah the one that always used in sad animations on how a character that someone loves died.copyright protection149PENANATvfc66wOW1

Don't get any ideas, he obviously didn't die. His dad just decided that to give education proper to that of a blind man. My sunshine was sent halfway across the country, and that was fine.copyright protection149PENANAVF1J8Sm0b7

But only for awhile.copyright protection149PENANARfBkQAs8N2

It became obvious that we were losing touch and he was making friends at his new school. As for me… I didn't have anyone. I never made any other connections as a kid, because I was sure I would keep my friendship forever. copyright protection149PENANAGGxVSE2otY

What a fool I was. Apparently a really depressed fool, because my mother decided to do something for my social life and forced someone to hang out with me.copyright protection149PENANAqoEr7MkuMv

Can you guess who comes in now? Bingo! We got little miss grouch, otherwise known as you!copyright protection149PENANABELcYCMrKz

Let's be honest, the first interactions resembled the compatibility between weed and a majestic pegasus. Mostly silence and tension, before saying something awkward and immediately going home. copyright protection149PENANAtqg1l8Gox9

Overtime we became used to each other and spoke more. We learned more about each other and really began to actually enjoy each other's company! You introduced to some of your best friends, who in turn became mine.copyright protection149PENANAmYy0qGNKaA

You became my sunshine. As cheesy as that sounds you literally breathed the air that made me happy. I don't know, maybe I wanted more. Maybe I wanted you all to myself. And maybe it could've happened if not for that one guy.copyright protection149PENANAfLe1YcDKEn

Mr Casanova, moves to our school which of course sets off an irrational love in your heart like a cliche romance novel. I'm not going to mention his name, we both know it. copyright protection149PENANAk8OB99JQyh

I saw you liked him, so for your happiness I let you go at him. It was a mistake.copyright protection149PENANAZUfxVGdJqo

You stopped hanging out with me for long extends of time and when you did it was always about him. I had to fake my smile and act enthusiastic to make you happy. You talked about him as if he were the greatest guy on earth and it just bred hate into my heart. copyright protection149PENANAjG9xH8KkTp

My sunshine had become a sunburn.copyright protection149PENANAHdxwOHFyxe

The other friends didn't get me like you did and it was becoming more and more clear that you didn't get me anymore either.copyright protection149PENANAQx9654MjOc

I guess I kept a few things from you, you should have the right to know. copyright protection149PENANAH7SRFAZqUS

You called about why I have been absent from school for nearly four months? I guess that was nice enough attention from you to tell you what's really going on.copyright protection149PENANAPC6m8V3OuB

I'm dying.copyright protection149PENANA2l8bregdx4

Literally dying of leukemia in a hospital.copyright protection149PENANAqfcj6RT6hO

So… I guess now I'll tell you all these feelings I've pent up.copyright protection149PENANAZ6r5tA1xow

I loved you Sophia. I loved the way we had our sarcastic conversations. I loved your infectious smile and laugh. I loved everything about you.copyright protection149PENANA8rRhDivTw3

Now… now I'm not so sure. copyright protection149PENANAYXibhp2bvk

I've stopped treatment since it seemed to be going nowhere and since I have no will to live, I think the money's being waisted. copyright protection149PENANAZurrAV1Bsq

Maybe I should've mentioned this sooner, but I couldn't find a place to tell you in your obsession over that guy. Lola and Jess have known, I guess they kept the secret for you to still not know.copyright protection149PENANA7BRYSvhopO

I ask my mom to give this letter to you after I die. copyright protection149PENANArnLKy29BeE

Once a friend,copyright protection149PENANAWd9nFJiGkK

Colecopyright protection149PENANA7smYreuJDT

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