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Short Story
A Cup of Tea to Read
Writer Bri.tt.any.y
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A Cup of Tea to Read
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Nov 5, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!88of3sGZ9n0LUAntzmllposted on PENANA

I hate them. I hate them with such a passion that all I can think about is how happy I will be when I never have to see or hear them again. I sit in my room and write out their names in perfect cursive. copyright protection137PENANAqc8oPpqVPZ

Kayla Hughescopyright protection137PENANAkX7IdbbTbk

Paige Mellvincopyright protection137PENANAhc6cMtFmQ1

London Jamescopyright protection137PENANAHhdPG2e6Y3

Caitlin Mellvincopyright protection137PENANA5i1d0fpc9A

Erica Sumtercopyright protection137PENANAxqMDDz7iVY

Wendell Dawkins copyright protection137PENANAjDfxtVzH2y

One by one they will disappear and anyone else who gets in my way. copyright protection137PENANAL7QNlR3K3c

I've never done this, but I have enough knowledge on how I'm getting away with this. I've watched them for the past month. I know what car they drive, I know where they live and work. I know where I could find them. I even managed to learn to track their phones. copyright protection137PENANAkAD7egHmzD

Saturday is the day I'm killing the sisters at their house. Then on New Year's Kayla will be gone. I'll have to wait a few months and when Spring Break comes around London and Erica will end up dead. copyright protection137PENANAkSgzqKv0rx

I open up my small notebook and write gently on to the paper. copyright protection137PENANAydFo10f4Lj

Buy gloves, cotton balls, shoe covers, hair cap, and hydrogen peroxide.copyright protection137PENANAg5UUd9bUvK

I'll have to burn at least ten of these sheets of paper. I close my notebook and set it on my bedside table. I take out the prepaid cell I got from some guy I met in the wrong side of town. He was cute, but I never got his name. copyright protection137PENANAxPDOp3yU30

I think to myself the way I will end up killing the sisters since they live in a surveillanced neighborhood. I'd have to do it at night and make it look like a break in gone wrong. If I entered from the back no one would see me and I could jump the fence. However, I do know that they are going to a college tour in two weeks so, I could just kill them on the side of the road and make it seem like they crashed. copyright protection137PENANAsBe80f9gkU

I need to find that alley guy again. Maybe he knows someone who can help me plan this out. I start to think about how each one of them will die off. It makes me feel warm inside knowing I would never have to hear them talk about others, how 'perfectly imperfect' their lives are or their opinions on the world. copyright protection137PENANAzB0uvdDG88

I change into my pajamas, brush my teeth, and turn out the lights. I make my way to my bed and get underneath the covers. I think about the months ahead and fall asleep.copyright protection137PENANAqGY3vn73ia

Comments ( 2 )

Bri.tt.any.y - I may end up writing a continuation of this one. 
1 year agoreply

Lata - I would love to read about those murders. This got me wanting more. 
1 year agoreply