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Soul Gazing
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Writer Isabelle Galea
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Soul Gazing
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Chapter 1
Isabelle Galea
Nov 6, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9SiIUIU5bSyINfvuO5Leposted on PENANA

                                                  Thinking about it , it wasn't anything exceptional at first. In fact the hate between us was well known around school. Being like this I couldn't admit it to him or to myself. It's strange really , I don't know how to handle this and that's rare. I always have composure , I do. But when he's around it's like with every single word he is hitting my head to the wall and let me tell you it's not a nice feeling. In fact he can actually bring up the worst in me and it's not a pretty sight. I hated how he could spin me around his fingers. It all started on a very ugly day. copyright protection196PENANAa9RPtDCQ26

" What do we have next?" Alanka asked me. I sighed and looked at my timetable. copyright protection196PENANATcYcUTUPY6

" Can't you just look at yours instead?" copyright protection196PENANAHwOuMkZBpK

She giggled and flipped her blond hair away from her face. Her green eyes twinkling  and her freckled face looked more beautiful than usual. No wonder guys run after her all the time. copyright protection196PENANAPAUHpnk2en

" Adeline , come on it's time for Economics!" She skipped and ran.copyright protection196PENANA97z8jt1ei0

" So much for checking the time table." I sighed to myself. copyright protection196PENANAk0x9ujtuVT

I walked behind her . my energy resources fail during the day. It was the last lesson for today and I'm pretty sure I'll fall asleep any time soon. copyright protection196PENANAeLt8sTwNWK

Guys walking by stopped to stare at Alanka , I'm not sure if it was for her beauty or because she was jumping around like a total idiot. copyright protection196PENANAa5SKecdgqw

People always compare me to her , they say: " Why can't you be a little more joyful  like her."copyright protection196PENANAhLwOU18ov3

Okay, I guess I'm a little down the drain for power but who really cares. I'm like this , like it or not. I'm tired to try and be someone I'm not.copyright protection196PENANAhKPLTiFp5B

When we arrived , no one was there yet and we just sat down randomly. copyright protection196PENANAagH30VfecF

After a while people filled the class and I just sat there head low , looking at my phone. copyright protection196PENANAKtrhiljrJP

Alanka smiled to everyone that entered the class, I'm pretty sure she already won some hearts. copyright protection196PENANAv1zkMtCrTH

When the teacher finally arrived , I only spoke when asked and nothing more. Groups already have formed. They must have known each other before. copyright protection196PENANA33YK7ZGmdS

Being older then them puts me at a disadvantage. Or at least that's what I feel.copyright protection196PENANA2YmtgEPz5y

I felt like a pedophile when a cute guy walked past me the other day. School just started for fuck's sake. copyright protection196PENANApAAZVnsxOl

The lesson went by quietly and it wasn't that bad. copyright protection196PENANAfSpdCwdjSq

" Phew what a day." Alanka said while stretching. copyright protection196PENANAcVpyoFddfi

" Adeline ?" A voice behind me startled me. copyright protection196PENANAMFTmEOJ6my

When I turned around I almost choked in my own spit. copyright protection196PENANAsBqRO3n2mg

" W-What are you doing here?" copyright protection196PENANAsybS7zykNO

A tall handsome guy looked down to me. His brown eyes looking into mine, without a single trace of guilt. copyright protection196PENANADztxW8mGeI

The school was already quiet , everyone must have gone home already. copyright protection196PENANAfGjFy8JVa6

" Holly." Alanka said , with a hint of anger.copyright protection196PENANAbDFnvMX47K

I grabbed her hand and stopped her before she said something stupid. copyright protection196PENANASLkmihuEXJ

" Alanka , see you tomorrow?" copyright protection196PENANAncqGSYPCTZ

She knew that being here will only make things worse, so she left without another word.copyright protection196PENANAI5Dos9apdi

I turned my attention to the guy behind me , who I'm pretty sure is looking at my ass.copyright protection196PENANAa63usmLX1J

" What the hell do you want?" copyright protection196PENANAGoW64P4TrY

" Nothing much , just came to pick you up from school." He said smirking.copyright protection196PENANATa4wywFJWT

" There is no need for that."copyright protection196PENANA16Z5Bsrnps

I backed away from him , he grabbed my arm.copyright protection196PENANA66Q3dVSiPj

" Why are you scared of me ?"copyright protection196PENANAgJukg2RWLO

I tried to free myself but his grip was too strong.copyright protection196PENANAPNUPTwikTI

" I'm not."copyright protection196PENANAN0OE31AVkq

I tried to sound brave but it wasn't working.copyright protection196PENANAfA9JVqMNmy

He pulled me to him and grabbed my jaw, his hand resting on my lower back.copyright protection196PENANABcmw1f3jAW

" Yes you are. Is it because I broke your little heart ? So pitiful."copyright protection196PENANA2oWQ20SDVc

Tears stung my eyes but I wasn't going to let them fall in front of him . Never again.copyright protection196PENANA3bNdVJDIw0

Suddenly a hand grabbed his arm and pulled him away from me.copyright protection196PENANAg8cCFeSIyt

" Dude , we are at a school. Restrain yourself." copyright protection196PENANAFARCrUCjxx

A guy pulled me with him and let Holly gazing back at us. copyright protection196PENANAvBJjPF2snz

He kept pulling me , his grip was stronger than Holly's.copyright protection196PENANAtDIFgoU86s

" Um-" I said. copyright protection196PENANACM2totn0NV

" Your stupid. Letting a guy touch you like that." copyright protection196PENANAyjwhClWFOk

His voice sounded like a growl.copyright protection196PENANAeiXXXelSns

I shivered.copyright protection196PENANAkZensDRQDE

Stopping in my tracks I pulled my hand away.copyright protection196PENANALbXitAEqfs

" What?" He said.copyright protection196PENANAKuLIrJWNBj

When he turned around , I couldn't deny that he was madly handsome. copyright protection196PENANAfViuiL79BL

" Who the hell do you think you are?" I said almost shouting.copyright protection196PENANAOnWLFqmjRB

He may be handsome but he was pissing me off.copyright protection196PENANAMB5xkxgglR

He inched closer. His piercing green eyes looking at me.copyright protection196PENANAABNT55Edfg

I hated it, they looked like they are looking deep into my soul.copyright protection196PENANAY4DVPimbCd

" Fine , next time I'll let you get raped." copyright protection196PENANANoPTV9rcqM

He turned into his heels and started to walk away.copyright protection196PENANA30nQUtWyGc

" He wasn't gonna rape me , plus I can defend myself bastard!" I yelled.copyright protection196PENANAPFgtB6MXio

He just waved back.copyright protection196PENANAb5M0ZI9qVA

Ugh , he pissed me off. I hope I don't see him again.copyright protection196PENANAcYAAPu3M3K

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