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Soul Gazing
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Writer Isabelle Galea
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Soul Gazing
A - A - A
Chapter 3
Isabelle Galea
Nov 17, 2016
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!a7xaoCOi7RGWkfDYWaDSposted on PENANA

When I was calm enough I went down. " Girl, you look amazing." Kelsey came running to hug me.copyright protection160PENANAffsRStlMwR

" You too." I said hugging her back.copyright protection160PENANAOGYlQnYFF5

She was wearing a blue metal dress , her beautiful red hair came down to the middle of her back in soft curls.copyright protection160PENANAwm2RCFQzQt

Andy looked at me and blushed.copyright protection160PENANAs6JUXBnjoU

I couldn't help but smile , he could be so cute.copyright protection160PENANAadA9yrwx7c

Jace and Andy sat in front and Kelsey and I sat in the back , taking thousands of pictures. Mostly cause I was acting stupid.copyright protection160PENANADDzFvclmLc

I could see Andy watching me from the review mirror from time to time. copyright protection160PENANAPdiz8gbwzz

Somehow I feel that this is gonna get super complicated.copyright protection160PENANAqJM0TlsqTz

When we arrived the sound of the party bursted through the entire road. This party is gonna be either very boring or very amusing.copyright protection160PENANACwdccJox5a

Andy took my hand in his and my eyes went wide. copyright protection160PENANAKVo2uwiG3R

" Until the door. Too many dicks are looking at you already." I blushed slighty and let him hold my hand.copyright protection160PENANAgtB3uvpWVi

Somehow I feel like I'm being a total bitch to Jessica. Which I was.copyright protection160PENANAwyOJK1s9yy

" Jessica broke up with me." He said in my ear.copyright protection160PENANAjjtIlYeEEi

I stopped in my tracks.copyright protection160PENANAwUL8YfDncy

Was I a rebound from the start ?copyright protection160PENANAFI6usRvV14

I felt humiliated and stupid.copyright protection160PENANAtknW3JUhoz

I took my hand away from his and continued walking.copyright protection160PENANAAUtl2sAGPN

He tried to call to me softly but I didn't stop , I grabbed Kelsey and went in.copyright protection160PENANAeuvlZYcvTe

Erik was near so I let her go , she looked perplexed but let it go and went to her boyfriend.copyright protection160PENANAzmyXiCHdU5

Andy tried to pull me with him a couple of times but I didn't let him.copyright protection160PENANAMuZgP2IqIx

I'm sure he is gonna sleep at our place tonight, I'll talk to him then, for now I want to have fun. copyright protection160PENANAdX2Ji2HvxA

When the room started spinning I went to find a balcony, no one should be here at this time.copyright protection160PENANAJ7Xi4fULtO

But I was wrong. Horribly wrong.copyright protection160PENANARgiQw7TfyB

Mr.Saviour had his fingers inside a girl. She is orgasmic so hard , I don't know how they couldn't hear her from downstairs.copyright protection160PENANANMyQvRSdmp

I turned around and walked away silently before they noticed I've seen their hot scene.copyright protection160PENANAN5xKoB0inu

Noticing another balcony I went out and took deep breaths.copyright protection160PENANA7eKp5hxZx6

Sexcopyright protection160PENANAAkS9an03Am

All guys think only of one thing. How to get their acking dick inside a woman.copyright protection160PENANAtos09RCaa0

Funny enough girls open their legs easily.copyright protection160PENANAEhfoHlGfkd

"Oh look." copyright protection160PENANAlUxd4IB4Lb

A deep voice spoke from behind me.copyright protection160PENANArfAUfJLSTV

This voice!copyright protection160PENANASyd7WUtD9N

FUCK.copyright protection160PENANAQuIoIM7jQT

It's him.copyright protection160PENANAvi85coPYgJ

Mr saviour was looking at me grinning. He was wiping his hands.copyright protection160PENANAT9h7he1KRa

Yuck.copyright protection160PENANAxIFf6n1dGS

I rolled my eyes and turned back around.copyright protection160PENANA6cafhnD7lU

What is wrong with this person ? copyright protection160PENANAQf37mklo4d

Well nothing is. I mean he is so hot he could melt a woman.copyright protection160PENANAzCVeS2CTfj

Adeline shut your mind.copyright protection160PENANAMmvXCMkgUG

He came near me and looked at the view.copyright protection160PENANAaKWdRjydHD

" Beautiful, I didn't see it before." copyright protection160PENANAqgfmv7o71E

Oh , of course you didn't. You were searching how many fingers you could get inside a hole.copyright protection160PENANAqN1WLDJ5TD

Ew. Adeline you are insane.copyright protection160PENANAM3nJhe2QsK

Of course I'm talking to my self now.copyright protection160PENANAtT0JfwRDET

" What do you want ?" copyright protection160PENANAh5Hj1sWKyQ

" Is this how you treat a man who saved you?"  He smirked , showing off his dimple.copyright protection160PENANAnkUK3cZ62r

I glared at him and turned to walk away.copyright protection160PENANAQwlRfAn7d1

He grabbed my wrist and pushed me to the wall.copyright protection160PENANA0v7HP89LSH

His hand slapped near my face.copyright protection160PENANACg2w06J0cL

I kept staring into his deep green eyes.copyright protection160PENANAs2hNTxnhEB

I couldn't move.copyright protection160PENANAjE7qlWyvIr

He was looking at me. Just looking.copyright protection160PENANAckHfRIlBIx

" How the hell can you look so hot?" copyright protection160PENANAmbzEYsblKP

I blinked.copyright protection160PENANAX3t4tP12kJ

" Excuse me ?"copyright protection160PENANAtx4bMWU7xD

Another person would jump on him and let him please her urges but I wouldn't even dare.copyright protection160PENANAEUOeyMHJ8r

I pushed him slightly.copyright protection160PENANAz5u3aXSbZd

" Look, you should go to your woman." copyright protection160PENANAVtK0FxWzEu

" My woman?" He asked raising an eyebrow.copyright protection160PENANAcjo0yXMfHV

Shit.copyright protection160PENANAGg0ajb8cn8

Fuck.copyright protection160PENANApiBaigIfQn

Shit.copyright protection160PENANAJ2G82e5PuM

" Oh that. Well I was just having fun. She cried too much. We are in public for fucks sake!" copyright protection160PENANAKa2LlmXtzk

He said waving his hand into the air.copyright protection160PENANABZCd9VuRak

I bit my lip, trying hard not to laugh.copyright protection160PENANAeTmV1pa6fE

He was being sarcastic.copyright protection160PENANAT0PWLajJES

I couldn't keep it in and I laughed so hard. I had to put a hand to cover my mouth.copyright protection160PENANA3fRGt1BXTL

He put his hand on mine and pulled it away.copyright protection160PENANAi7FF3G4eNj

" Don't cover such a cute smile." copyright protection160PENANASHkHD5SWPw

He smiled and stared down at me.copyright protection160PENANAOSMFygHaeA

His full set of white teeth reflected the moonlight. copyright protection160PENANAVwHAbLhgZ4

" Whats your name?" copyright protection160PENANAASLUAp0slP

" Adeline." copyright protection160PENANAZaILQg2xqg

" Clark." copyright protection160PENANA7mMPXYAeeA

" Nice to meet you." copyright protection160PENANAjPs5J3uJvQ

He laughed and nodded.copyright protection160PENANAzv0hhQyjoZ

We kept staring at each other.copyright protection160PENANAzvmlkjjVxy

" Adeline?" copyright protection160PENANAvQnYV61qQx

Oh crap.copyright protection160PENANAgq2gHj7gCv

Andy came into view.copyright protection160PENANAfb1BxlVQgs

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