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Writer IgneelsTears
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First Kiss
Nov 10, 2016
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lmNZ9dhowlkmRbG8xLpCposted on PENANA

Kisses are ways that two people express their love in wordless, passionate exchanges. They always find their way into the most extreme of moments and in general routines, practiced over and over again. In the rain, at the beach, a breakup, a makeup, on the swings, at clubs. Really anywhere, this concept is shared all over the world.112Please respect copyright.PENANAdLYIPXujyy
copyright protection108PENANAFLSIcybQTB

Harley was told stories as a child, about this 'magical' act. She saw her parents perform it briefly before they left each other in the mornings, as well as on other various occasions. It was seemingly drilled into her head; that kisses were beautiful, the highest point one could reach on their journey to the soul.copyright protection108PENANAZeYMe7Zwvw

However, when her parents divorced in her 8th grade, she subconsciously became repulsed at it. The idea of a kiss seemed like such a commitment, one too large for someone like her to process. Kids at school soon began to age too quickly, pashing in the corners of the library, in the canteen, and out the front of Mr. Salton's classroom.112Please respect copyright.PENANAh8LVuFEqfQ
copyright protection108PENANASQSJ1zSzli

Harley avoided that classroom now, forever and always.copyright protection108PENANAc034JfCU6w

It was until her best friend, Phillip, slowly introduced her to the idea. He changed her mind, and as he did, her soul too.copyright protection108PENANAw5LuS0CRw7

"I don't understand. Mr Salton? He's so—"copyright protection108PENANAooXh8ZQ1yb

"Blind," Harley uttered in a mock-sarcastic tone. "And probably deaf too."copyright protection108PENANAjKbmOVCrPI

Phillip arched an pierced, dark brow. "What's wrong with you?" His lips were still, and his face, pale.copyright protection108PENANAXlOJQGJsyg

"What do you mean?" The high school girl pulled on a collection of stray hairs on her forehead.112Please respect copyright.PENANA7dq0VBahkf
copyright protection108PENANAzWExeNw4P4

"You're kinda moody..." Phillip slowly said, mildly afraid of his friend's reaction. "You don't even really care about this kinda stuff."copyright protection108PENANAf8PrvEn85c

The girl plopped down onto the ground, her fierce and stubborn aura followed accordingly. "Well maybe I do!" Came her snappy response.copyright protection108PENANAR3yFNomwQU

Phillip rolled his eyes, like a washing machine on a constant cycle. "Ugh, jeez Harley. PDA isn't always that bad. If the occasion suits..." He sat down too, arms folded crossly at his side.copyright protection108PENANAMpRrX5fta4

"I think its gross."copyright protection108PENANAyqdoSI2fR8

"I think its romantic."copyright protection108PENANAsIc0oZoKwe

Harley's blue eyes narrowed to tiny slits, her face consumed with irritability. "What, like 'Twilight'?"copyright protection108PENANAEiEwKBCZ4N

"Of course not!" The boy cried quietly, his cheeks burning red. "There are way too many sparkly vampires and shirtless wolves for my liking. More like, 'Titanic'." His hair then conveniently fell over his face to hide his eyes.copyright protection108PENANA3Ddh16Z4lR

She laughed. "Oh, right. So am I Rose?"copyright protection108PENANAcNzoNXobHU

Phillip looked away, drawing attention to his brown freckles that circled the tops of his cheekbones. "If you want..."copyright protection108PENANAqmc4TXFvWK

Harley stopped laughing. She gulped, and paled with uncertainty. "So, who are you?"copyright protection108PENANAi0owhpChtY

Her friend faced her once again, this time, his gaze drawn to her lips. "I dunno. That Leo guy, I guess..." The two of them froze. Neither daring to make any move at first.copyright protection108PENANA8GLH5zFtLn

Phillip closed in, his hand gently falling behind Harley's body, pushing in on the ground. Harley stayed her place; refusing to budge. Phillip leaned in more, and placed a small kiss on her lips.copyright protection108PENANAnbKAgDxV9u

For a brief moment, Harley didn't quite register the kiss. She still didn't move, she just stayed there, allowing Phillip to pull away. It was softer than what she had imagined.copyright protection108PENANAGsv4ZMtB4X

It wasn't as horrid as her paranoia had implied. She didn't like; but she wasn't repulsed either. It was just a kiss. An expression of love.112Please respect copyright.PENANAMx0KfQHKag
copyright protection108PENANAzcDlUIVAcH

"Still disagree with PDA," she whispered grouchily. Phillip nodded absentmindedly, "so you say..."copyright protection108PENANAXATHa9lI5v

Comments ( 3 )

weirdguy96 - Being a sucker for romance, no wonder this made me smile a bit :)
1 year agoreply

IgneelsTears - Haha, thanks. Btw, I really appreciate the suggestions too. Thanks
1 year agoreply

weirdguy96 - @IgneelsTears, You're most welcome :))
1 year agoreply