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Obligatory Gay Fic
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Writer Maria3313
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Obligatory Gay Fic
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Nov 14, 2016
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jI3AyENP9vueUmIGz3hbposted on PENANA

It was a normal day- him and his best friend had both gone to his house after a long day of school- but something was off. And he was going to get to the bottom of it.copyright protection58PENANAOOLsx7WE8N

Not just today, but for quite a while, his best friend had been… off. He’d been sighing a lot, he’d had a confused look on his face constantly, and he was constantly daydreaming. He’d always wanted to know what was going on in his head, but now he wanted to know more than ever.copyright protection58PENANAWrv013EOTN

Even now, as he sat on the carpet watching the TV with him, his brow was creased with confusion.copyright protection58PENANAko1eKJVjNd

It somewhat angered him. Whenever his best friend was feeling uncertain about whatever, the had a pact that they would always go to each other to talk about anything, no matter how embarrassing. Were they drifting apart?copyright protection58PENANAuC2g4zo0dw

He too was not paying attention to the sitcom that was currently playing. He was too interested in person beside him. How his face contorted at different moments, how his arms would come undone and then come back together seconds later, how his eyes would occasionally flit up to the coloured lights of the television, how those amber eyes danced with thoughts.copyright protection58PENANAOaXjaYnPNg

It was a while until his friend snapped out his thoughts and noticed the sidewards glance the other was giving him. The amber bubbled, and that cocky smirk -that seemed to only show itself while they were alone- appeared on his face.copyright protection58PENANAC7EEmpohJb

“This is new- you love this show.” He said- It was true, this room had once been dedicated to merchandise of the crappy cartoon that was currently airing. He hadn’t even noticed the show had changed. “Found something better?”copyright protection58PENANAveOxuT6SUj

As per usual, he was embarrassed. The two of them were daydreamers, even though the other had no shame when it came to escaping into a dreamland. Although this time, he was certain his face wasn’t going red just because he’d been caught staring mindlessly.copyright protection58PENANApIum1Flou9

He straightened against the side of the single bed, maybe in an attempt to dispel the blush by moving. “Maybe I have. You’re acting weird, why?”copyright protection58PENANAF7gkLDJaUs

“Hmm? How so?” He arched an eyebrow and leaned his side on the bed.copyright protection58PENANAmpGaWb334Y

“Well, you’ve been, I dunno,” he waved his hands in the air, as if sorting through words in an invisible cloud that had materialised in that spot. “You’ve been sighing. And you haven’t been paying attention to anything. You’re not like normal.”copyright protection58PENANAmtGRPIwb70

His liquid amber eyes flashed once again. He realised he couldn’t take his eyes off of his. “I’ve just been thinking about… Stuff.”copyright protection58PENANAkM8B6TeQ49

“Important stuff?”copyright protection58PENANAiqzZAwaEze

He sighed again, and he cast his eyes down. “I guess.”copyright protection58PENANADVIjNx2jJ9

He paused, and as he indirectly gazed into that amber magma he contemplated. And soon, he came to somewhat of a conclusion as to what might be troubling the boy next to him. “Are you… In love?”copyright protection58PENANAk3WsE3mTTq

He saw his ears turn a shade of rose red- funnily enough, that was how the other blushed, and it was oddly cute. He tried to play off his obvious embarrassment “I guess you could say that.”copyright protection58PENANA2cRBcr7m6G

Now things were getting interesting. “Oh really? Who’s the lucky girl?” He grinned.copyright protection58PENANABJCj3pR5JA

He got real close, the warmth of the other’s hands heating up his thighs. His voice was hushed, and the amber streams promised lust. “You really want to know?” The smirk returned.copyright protection58PENANAf4EbxjeUc8

Almost reluctantly, he nodded.copyright protection58PENANAlfkcQwEYTK

One of the warm hands was removed from his leg, and went to caress his face. “You.” And the moment of suspense was sealed with a kiss.copyright protection58PENANAFvuhOxHGDr

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