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The Beauty of Life
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Writer Gicel Livelo
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The Beauty of Life
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Being Grateful
Gicel Livelo
Nov 14, 2016
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2LvgUhlLvDAeK8jBV6ceposted on PENANA

One of the most essential qualities that we must posses is gratefulness. Whenever challenges or struggles arise in our lives, we tend to resort to panicking or thinking negatively. It is these times, however, that we must actually be grateful. Why? The hardships we face in life are merely tests to help us improve ourselves and make us better people. It is hard to be thankful for these hardships but once we learn how to stay positive and calm when setbacks occur, it would not be difficult to be grateful for them. Remember a time or event when you faced something you thought was so difficult to overcome - you'll realize that you did overcome that and you are now stronger and better than you were. Use that memory to help you control what you think and do towards anything you go through in life. 118Please respect copyright.PENANA3QGy6BPsnl
118Please respect copyright.PENANA5XzP6Tr10E
There are a lot of people saying things like "I hate this life!" , "This job is so boring!" , "I don't want to go to school!" and "I have better things to do than this stupid thing!" and honestly, it gets irritating to hear people say those kinds of stuff. But let's be real, don't we all sometimes say things similar to those? Why though, do we say them? Why is it so hard for us to be contented with what we have and use those to help us create or achieve anything we want for our lives? Usually, it's because we continually want more than what we already have due to competitions between other people, jealousy, or pride. Fortunately, based on own experience, there are a couple of ways you could do to avoid being ungrateful, negative and bitter. 118Please respect copyright.PENANAfgZoW3gsJ5
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The first one we must consider is that we have to practice thinking positively. It's not an easy task especially after going through a lot in life but you can try it one day at a time and before you realize it, you're already thinking more positively. Makes sense? For example, you just got fired from a job you thought was everything you could have asked for. What do you do? Of course you don't start stressing about it all week! Sure you may feel sad about it for a couple of hours or an entire day, but be reminded that there are multiple other jobs that you could apply for and maybe one of which could be where you truly belong and what would really make you genuinely happy. Always try to look at the brighter side of situations even if it is hard at first. Eventually, when you practice it day by day, it would no longer be something you need to be reminded of and instead it would become a routine. Another thing you could do is to stay calm. We aren't going to get anywhere if we keep panicking over everything that happens to us. In addition, it will only make us even more upset about our circumstances so there's really not much you can achieve by panicking. On the contrary, if you stay calm you'll have a peace of mind and whatever it is that you are going through, whatever circumstance you're in, staying calm can help you to be more patient and happy. If you don't know how to stay calm, a few suggestions would be to read a book, listen to music, or meditate. Doing these things little by little will really help you to stay calm when things get rough.118Please respect copyright.PENANAwzZ6p50Q70
118Please respect copyright.PENANAvmguLdx2Fh
So remember, being grateful is necessary in life and being ungrateful or bitter will not get you anywhere. Learn to stay positive, calm and thankful for everything you are going through. Whether it's a good or bad thing, you must always be thankful. These things are usually what shapes us to the person we want to be.copyright protection114PENANAgk9G4SwGOU

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