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The Beauty of Life
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Writer Gicel Livelo
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The Beauty of Life
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Never Be afraid to Try Again
Gicel Livelo
Nov 14, 2016
2 Mins Read
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A lot of people, when they fail, they usually give up. They think that they'll never achieve what they're trying so hard to reach. They have this mindset that if they try again, they might just end up with the same result. But know this, the people who give up easily on things, especially those that they really want for their life, usually end up nowhere. Why? Because they're too afraid to try again! The truth, though, is that as long as we keep on trying, there's always that chance of achieving our desires or goals in life. 66Please respect copyright.PENANAlMH68QPsY7
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Let's say you failed on an entrance exam for your dream university or college. Of course, you're going to be sad, of course you're going to think negatively, of course you're going to feel as though it just wasn't meant for you. But that's just not it. Maybe in some circumstances, you'd know if something isn't really for you but when it comes to dreams and goals, you kind of realize, see, or feel that this is something that you really want to do in life. It's something you would never give up on achieving. That's why, when you fail you must never give up! Especially if it's your dreams or goals. You have to remember that this is your life. Nobody is going to live your life for you. 66Please respect copyright.PENANAEcuDwFMqNI
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Never let anyone's opinions distract you from the road you choose to take. There might be people telling you that you can't do this because of whatever reason, or people telling you that you can't achieve this because they think you just aren't good enough. Don't mind them. Focus on you! Let those words just be words and continue your journey to your goals. At some point in life, you're going to thank yourself for not giving up. Because what's more important? Your happiness or other people's 'happiness' for you? You may think that people telling you not to do certain things because they think that's what makes you happy or what's best for you is right, but don't get distracted. Nothing anyone would say or do should stop you from chasing after your goals in life. There's nothing wrong with asking for advice, but if you feel as though the advice makes you feel unhappy, you know what to do.66Please respect copyright.PENANAcW8vYM89vM
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Keep doing you, never stop going after your dreams, and sooner or later you'll realize that everything you've gone through, even if it was such a hard time for you that you felt like giving up, would be worth it.66Please respect copyright.PENANAigyMhOp9Tv
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