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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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The Resurrection
Jan 18, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ptLNoPGjgNIeQ4wLdF4Xposted on PENANA

Brooke’s POVcopyright protection117PENANAI6xwOWFQyB

“You have to resurrect them! I am all alone and I need them!” Emily shouts at me, and I sighed, irritated.copyright protection117PENANAIX4tLtirMz

“I already told you; I’m not━” The door swung open suddenly, interrupting me. Six people scrambled in, most of them struggling to keep balance. “What now?” I ask, annoyed.copyright protection117PENANAfvN6AkRNZV

Two guys, twins, separated themselves from the other four. One of them approached my desk, he had dark brown hair and black eyes, but the whites of his eyes were still visible. “We’re here to resurrect Alex, our friend and other Shapeshifter. She was killed by the Werewolves and━”copyright protection117PENANAKI1ieQeTGN

“No she wasn’t, Tanner. She went after Izzy and was almost killed by her and Sarah. But she got free and Mckayla finished her off. She was as good as dead anyways,” One of the Werewolves say, Olivia I think her name was. It’s kinda hard to memorize everyone’s name in the Supernatural World.copyright protection117PENANAvpKASw3bXQ

“And let me guess: you Werewolves are here to resurrect your friends,” I say to them, and they nod. I sigh again, then notice that Tori wasn’t standing with the Werewolves. “Where’s Tori?” I demand. copyright protection117PENANAKdlyjVSaJS

The Werewolves shift uncomfortably, and I immediately know the answer. “No...she can’t be dead…” I say, and Olivia gives me a sad look.copyright protection117PENANA6uA8MPY1JF

“She died after the battle, Brooke. By the time we all woke up, she was gone,” She says, and I blink away tears. My best friend was gone. She had died in a stupid battle. copyright protection117PENANAOe4zPX6S94

I realised that everyone was staring at me, and I exhaled slowly. “Fine. I will resurrect one Vampire, one Shapeshifter, and two Werewolves since more of them died. Okay?” They hesitated at first before nodding. “Okay,” I stand up and walk to a door at the back of the room. “Emily, come with me because there’s only one of you. Everyone else, be thinking of who you’re gonna resurrect because the first name I hear I will resurrect,” I say, then add, “Oh, and make sure to tell me who they are and who killed them.”copyright protection117PENANAITh4sA0lLJ

I then led Emily through the door and closed it behind us with a wave of my hand. In the middle of the room was a stand with a bowl on top, flames flickering inside the bowl. I stood on one side of it, Emily on the other. “So who do you want resurrected?” I ask her.copyright protection117PENANAeSdO00EZ2o

She stands in silence for a few moments before replying. “I want Izzy resurrected. She’s the Head Vampire and was killed by Mckayla.”copyright protection117PENANAERDJrsGxkP

I nod and write Izzy’s name on a small slip of paper and set it off to the side. “You can go now,” I tell Emily and she leaves without a word. A few seconds later, Tristan and Tanner enter the room.copyright protection117PENANAB3JT7ct7xf

“We choose Alex to be resurrected. She was killed by Sarah, Mckayla, and Izzy. She could transform into a black panther,” Tristan says, and I write Alex’s name on a separate piece of paper, then setting it on top of Izzy’s. The twins then walk out of the room and the Werewolves come in moments later.copyright protection117PENANARL75A75f78

“Okay, so I need two names,” I tell them, and Kaitlyn steps forward.copyright protection117PENANADLZgvrJbY3

“I choose Brandyn, who was killed by Izzy,” She says, then steps back.copyright protection117PENANA1A7LteXXmv

“We choose Tori to be resurrected and she was killed by Tanner,” Mckayla says.copyright protection117PENANAcdhkiSro7z

“Okay,” I say to them, and they leave me in silence. After Tori and Brandyn’s names were written on other slips of paper, I started chanting and threw the papers in one by one.copyright protection117PENANAxLkx2PYL1X

The fire turned red for Izzy’s, greyish-black for Alex’s, brown for Brandyn’s, and blue for Tori’s. The fire died shortly after the spell was finished.copyright protection117PENANAP3xXO1bMZy

I sigh, relieved. I was glad that I get to see Tori alive and well again. The only thing I’m afraid of is her finding out what I truly am: A Witch.copyright protection117PENANAibMAw5sYtA

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