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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Heading Home
Dec 7, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QQh0cXNHHqVKCfTiSdV8posted on PENANA

Tori’s POVcopyright protection55PENANAndh3DcAH1r

Cold air blew in from the opening of the cave, causing me to shiver violently. The Vampires left a while ago, leaving me alone. I watched as the shadows outside increased, telling me that it’s getting darker. Right when I get to the point where I’m going to freeze to death, I hear malicious laughter coming from outside.copyright protection55PENANATRhaSu8FbP

Izzy then appears in my vision, her Vampire comrades not to far behind her. “Consider yourself lucky, Wolf. Thanks to your friends, there’s a war coming and they need you on their side. It’s a shame that I couldn’t kill you, but I still have the chance to kill you in the Battle Field. Now go.” Sarah suddenly appears at my side and she breaks the chains that have kept me here for days.copyright protection55PENANA66AJlu1dHW

“Gladly,” I say, and I go to phase, but stop. “How do I phase?” I ask the Vampires.copyright protection55PENANAm5aE9NRJvS

Izzy sighs, irritated. Kady speaks up, “Just think of what you would look like as the wolf and imagine yourself transforming into it.”copyright protection55PENANAboKszCXHi9

I nod once at her, then do as she says. All at once, my ears were filled with sounds; animals moving around in the woods, cars honking at each other in town, everything. When I glanced down at my hands, I saw that they were huge paws instead. I could’ve yelled in excitement right there, but I decided not to. I took off in a sprint, running out of the wretched cave and into the woods. I took a deep breath through my nose, catching a bunch of scents all at once. But there was one that seemed familiar, even though I couldn’t tell what it was. I figured that it was the Werewolves’ scent. So I followed it.copyright protection55PENANAxpf78BCaPk

After what seemed like hours, I saw a large cave in the distance. Once I reached the entrance, I phased back into my human form, noticing that my clothes were still in one piece. I walked inside, realising that it was a lot bigger on the inside. But I didn’t see anyone. When I reached the very back, I spotted a small hole in the corner large enough for someone to crawl through.copyright protection55PENANA7bphQz5HjA

I laid down on my stomach and army-crawled through the hole, and stood back up once I reached the other side. I looked around and saw that I was in a field surrounded in a fence that was slightly shimmering. I about tripped and fell out of shock when I saw huge wolves fighting each other. I tried my best to count them. One...two…...five...no four..crap. When they finally stopped moving, I realised that there were four of them. Two were black but one was reddish, and the other two were brown and one was a darker brown than the other.copyright protection55PENANAAuZkXzWUgf

The wind blew leaves in my face, causing me to sneeze. The wolves look up at me and I freeze in terror. They then start bounding towards me and I scream, covering my face with my arms. I waited for the attack, but it never came. When I put my arms down, the wolves were gone. Instead, Lea, Mckayla, Olivia, and Kaitlyn were standing there, staring at me with confused and shocked faces.copyright protection55PENANA3OEjWNUyXK

“TORI!!” All four of them shout, running towards me. I cried out in surprise as they all hugged me, and I pushed them away.copyright protection55PENANAS5WimMRsua

“One at a time, please!” I say, laughing. They all give me hugs again, individually this time, and tears were running down my face in joy. After all that was over, they were bombarding me with questions.copyright protection55PENANA34E2oBBlwS

“Are you okay?”copyright protection55PENANAAAGfTC2OaZ

“What did they do to you?”copyright protection55PENANAy35vlrhcUM

“Did you know that you were kidnapped by Vampires?”copyright protection55PENANAmXQ1ZfCBA9

“Do you know who and what you are?”copyright protection55PENANAtbJ9rDLtrW

I put my hands up.  “Whoa! Too many questions! Olivia, I’m fine. Lea, they chained me to their cave wall and kept me there for days. Kaitlyn, yes they told me. And Mckayla, I’m a Werewolf and Head Wolf. Now you four need to answer my question.”copyright protection55PENANAt0Zyvk0NxU

They all looked at me expectantly. “What is it?” Olivia asked.copyright protection55PENANAAURqVRGysh

I looked at them with a serious expression. “Why are we in a war against the Vampires?”copyright protection55PENANAHVsq5T3Rnv

Olivia and Kaitlyn looked at the floor, while Mckayla remained stoic and Lea looked guilty. “Well...we kinda told a human about us. About the Supernatural World,” Lea says.copyright protection55PENANAOQwNo28oQG

“That’s a bad thing, right?” I ask, and when Lea nods, I get angry. “Why?” I hissed. “Why would you do that if you know it’s bad?”copyright protection55PENANAjqAbQv2w3v

She stares up at me, a pleading look in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Tori. She was suspicious of us, so it was a little hard not to tell her.”copyright protection55PENANANKrgbwafox

No matter how mad I was at her, I had to forgive her. It’s what friends do. “Okay. But you do realise we have a war coming up,” I sigh. “When is it?”copyright protection55PENANAKcohZMj8b9

“Tomorrow,” Mckayla replies sullenly and I look over at her sharply.copyright protection55PENANAOvzpGqUIXY

“What?!”copyright protection55PENANAdLJF2Ubdaz

This time, Mckayla was the one who sighed. “It’s true, Tori. When we cause a war with the Vampires, they get to choose when it is. And...well...a few years ago they decided that if we ever caused a war, it would automatically be the next day. I’m sorry.”copyright protection55PENANAKVL9cLWvU7

There was a long silence. I finally decide to speak up. “So, just saying but...not all of us are going to survive the war…” My eyes filled with tears as I finished the sentence.copyright protection55PENANAFJDf8jF22D

I was pulled into a hug by all four of my friends. “So we’ll fight until the very end. No matter what, we will always be by your side, Tori,” Olivia says. I smile sadly at her.copyright protection55PENANA0gpJVrE6EO

“Then let’s prepare for this fight. Let’s show the Vampires that we are stronger than we look. Let’s do this!” I shout, throwing my arm in the air with my hand clenched in a fist.copyright protection55PENANAGpJsyWeur8

“LET’S DO THIS!!!” The others followed suit, and we stood there for what seemed like hours, screaming and yelling before heading out back to train.copyright protection55PENANAC7RfmZz22B

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