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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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The Blue Moon Rises * Book 1
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Battle Scars
Jan 18, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!VoY9O6lapoQNoVdvAwv2posted on PENANA

Olivia’s POVcopyright protection42PENANAsezjoWbzAz

We stare at Lea’s dead body, completely shocked. Lea wasn’t supposed to die. But yet, nobody really was. I turn around and glare at Tanner, who hadn’t left the battlefield yet. He had a smug look on his face, then he left the field with Tristan. “We need to do something with the body,” Mckayla says after a long, agonising moment.copyright protection42PENANAPvYNENU0Xj

I nod. “We should burn it.” The others stared at me in shock, but Kaitlyn pulled out a lighter. She flicked her thumb, and a single flame flickered in front of her face. With tears falling down her face, she dropped the lighter on Lea’s dead corpse. The flames spread quickly, and her body was soon covered in red-orange heat.copyright protection42PENANAoO7NKkilRN

We stood there for a long time, watching the body burn. No one spoke. “We should head back to the cave,” I finally say.copyright protection42PENANAnj1XDqTPZu

A chorus of “yeah” was muttered by the other Werewolves, then Mckayla, Kaitlyn, and I phased, Tori lying on Kaitlyn’s back. After what happened to her in the battlefield with Tanner, I don’t think she would be able to even phase into her Werewolf form.copyright protection42PENANAoPZnDEaxF8

When we arrived at the Werewolves’ territory, we phased back and Tori collapsed to the ground, moaning in pain. We crowded around her, worried looks on our faces. “I’m...fine…” She gasped. “It just...hurts…but I’ll be fine..” She then slumps against the wall.copyright protection42PENANAR4WYRHj92a

Kaitlyn ran up to her and placed her fingers on Tori’s neck, feeling for a pulse. She then walked back over to us, a relieved look on her face. “She’s just asleep. I thought that she died for a second.”copyright protection42PENANAXqtZn6phVp

“I think we all thought that, Kaitlyn,” Mckayla says, then her and Kaitlyn lift up Tori and they carry her to the bedroom.copyright protection42PENANALkeLHSpSq4

“Wait!” I call, and they turn around to look at me. “Let’s clean off the blood first,” I say, and they glance at each other before nodding and walking towards the bathroom.copyright protection42PENANA0h9Xg0Ez9H

I, however, head to the bedroom and lay down on my bed, completely exhausted from the battle. Before I knew it, sleep had overtook me.copyright protection42PENANAK77d6vkvMf

***TIMESKIP***copyright protection42PENANAUxA9ii2Ibs

I awoke to the sound of crying. I sat up immediately and see Mckayla next to Tori, tears staining her cheeks. I throw off the covers and crouch next to her. “Are you crying?” I ask incredulously, then add; “She’s dead, isn’t she?”copyright protection42PENANANbKW90WOA6

Mckayla nods then breaks down into sobs. I put my arm around her and stare at Tori’s dead body, thinking about how we lost two friends just because we told a human about the Supernatural World. It’s crazy. Because of that stupid thing, both Lea and Tori are dead. Two members of the Blue Moon Pack. Dead. And worse; one was the Head Wolf.copyright protection42PENANAwkdDyj8SPV

I felt the presence of another person beside me, and I turned to see Kaitlyn leaning on my shoulder, sobbing silently. For a few moments, I thought that there was nothing that we could do about this. Then an idea popped into my mind, and I perked up. “What if we went to Brooke? Maybe she can resurrect Tori and Lea!” I say, and Mckayla and Kaitlyn just stare at me with blank stares. Then their eyes widened and giant grins appeared on their faces.copyright protection42PENANA8KsIUL1Xtc

“Yeah! And Brooke is Tori’s best friend, so there’s no reason why she wouldn’t resurrect her!” Kaitlyn shouts excitedly.copyright protection42PENANAphoadxaamL

“And since they weren’t killed by their own kind, she should be able to,” Mckayla adds.copyright protection42PENANAgS5uwDOEvE

I smile at the two remaining Werewolves. “Then let’s go!” We then run out of the bedroom and phase, sprinting out of the cave and towards the Witches’ Lair.copyright protection42PENANAAEp2mjOogh

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