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Who's The Dancing King Now?
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Writer Rosemary Dawson
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Who's The Dancing King Now?
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Painful Truth (RE-EDITED)
Rosemary Dawson
Nov 24, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fsVtnhzw8NNM2kXSelS4posted on PENANA

Hey, Krystal here. Think that your life is hard, to whoever that is reading this right here, right now, will you reconsider? Don't get so emotional when you  receive pain, no matter how you got it. Because God knows, that you can bear it no matter how it weights. So, hang in there. You'll be okay...copyright protection147PENANAY7ge7UyfgB

Somewhere in the Rave's Dancing School, lies Krystal. She may seem tiny if you compare her to the world, she's much powerful than you think.copyright protection147PENANAIw4DZrVzY3

"Krystal!" another beautiful girl with long, straight blonde hair. copyright protection147PENANAnLPp6Nhl9a

This is Charlie, my Best Friend ever since we stumble into each other at the first day at school. What is the reason why we were clumsy? It's because we were intending to find someone to guide our direction. I can still remember the pain. Pain? Pain of joy, of course!copyright protection147PENANAp7hGloBUER

"Sup, quite busy here now. Ya'think?" Krystal replied.copyright protection147PENANAwmnAZm1UWZ

"Man, your always practicing after school. It's time to head back to our dorms! I'm doing this favor because we're roommates. Hurry up!" Charlie crossed her arms as she sat on a bench at the side. copyright protection147PENANAYjLOISB0dK

"Still the demanding one, aren't you? And who's doing the favor over here? I'm learning the whole dance so that I can teach you! You just barely passed your test last semester!" Krystal shouted while continuing to dance.copyright protection147PENANAaDRsjdQV8u

Charlie blushed as she slowly tilt her head to her left and starts to pout like a puppy dog.151Please respect copyright.PENANAb9HBxQvkvs
copyright protection147PENANAMER9fQwhLs

"F-Fine! Jeez. Your sometimes so weak when it comes to jokes..."Krystal said while walking over to the radio to stop the music. copyright protection147PENANAhKM3yuV9v9

"You are the one who is weak! Pathetic!" Charlie giggled as she changed her sad face to a happy face, running back to her dorm.copyright protection147PENANAUGMM860Z18

"I wished things would be more interesting. I'm bored to death." Krystal sighed.copyright protection147PENANAtNMkX2bujX

Krystal woke up with her black hair all tangled up, turning into a perfect bed hair. And she finds it annoying as always.copyright protection147PENANAXAHJDfezpJ

"ACHOO!"copyright protection147PENANAIjqv6yB6xD

Charlie woke up, with her curler stuck in her front bangs. Her eyebrows fuzzed up, crossing her arms again.copyright protection147PENANAe1r1mo3yTm

"Whats this sneezing about?!" Charlie stared deep into Krystal's annoying eyes, she shifted her eyes to her hair and starts to giggle.copyright protection147PENANAwQXdABtPaT

"What?! This is not the first time you laughed at my bed hair! Darn, these tangles are stuck like glue!" Krystal criticized. copyright protection147PENANAySdZojxZp5

Charlie didn't stop laughing, her legs were kicking the bed and made the bed frame wobble.copyright protection147PENANADD64FttI1m

"Blondes always have the fun in the wrong way!" Krystal murmured as she picked up her towel and clothes to the bathroom to take a shower.copyright protection147PENANA5xd3LNEfCO

After a while, Krystal came out with her hair wet, she dries her hair with a soft towel while her natural hair curls bouncing around, dripping water everywhere.copyright protection147PENANA8bHla5FI54

"Anyways, I was wondering..." Charlie said with a sly voice filled with naughtiness.copyright protection147PENANANIIUMnof5q

"What?" Krystal said suspiciously.151Please respect copyright.PENANAWm04PQPK7Z
copyright protection147PENANACbXPeJDTYf

"When are you gonna get a BOYFRIEND?" Charlie said, purposely saying the word 'boyfriend' out louder than usual.copyright protection147PENANAH7rptCu8lA

Krystal looked at her, full of awe. She then starts to wonder, when will she get a boyfriend anyways? Its just wasting time rather than working hard about your career.copyright protection147PENANAc9iV35islo

"Well, I don't know. Some of them are just too short to my liking, some of them are really annoying about having sex or such. Its just... too much for me to bear! You know I am the type to work hard and play hard to get!" Krystal exclaimed.151Please respect copyright.PENANAq8DKn0Xfoi
copyright protection147PENANASXzQNOzqHy

"WOW, didn't think that is gonna happen. Well then, base on my experiences with tons of boyfriends that I've dated, what type of guy do you really wish to date? Don't worry about having high expectations." Charlie said with full of glee.151Please respect copyright.PENANAuzrcbZ3Gky
copyright protection147PENANAGpG8O9Kjh5

"I like guys that are stronger than me, hotter than me, smarter than me, taller than 180 cm, having the same hobby and thinks alike with me. Is that really too much for me?" Krystal said. copyright protection147PENANATuecpiiILD

"Hm, not really. You chose well! I bet it will happen real soon!" Charlie giggles.copyright protection147PENANA6DBGtov3Pc

Krystal stared at her real suspiciously.151Please respect copyright.PENANA9gU9lKZbv7
copyright protection147PENANABvChDrroKJ

"You will find out soon. Come on, we are late!" Charlie smiled and left the room.copyright protection147PENANAuEeIRD19mM

Charlie and Krystal were walking to the dancing room. When they walked into the room, they both realized someone new. Who just apparently have the same features that Krystal wants as a boyfriend.copyright protection147PENANANsqo9TNEWC

151Please respect copyright.PENANAaVgOGDODTc
copyright protection147PENANARy7tQLUh9F

Image result for cute korean boy names(The person that is in the picture is named Yong Hwa which is a Korean Actor.)151Please respect copyright.PENANAWoMoAYoEFI
copyright protection147PENANA0DkemcSole

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