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Who's The Dancing King Now?
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Writer Rosemary Dawson
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Who's The Dancing King Now?
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The fuck is wrong with this guy?
Rosemary Dawson
Feb 18, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!US98XxpjIjhOt9ZXHJEnposted on PENANA

"OH MY GOD!" All the girls screamed at the hot guy.copyright protection54PENANAI4ktyJBI5t

"Look at this hot boiling butter, ya might think you wanna rub it all over your body but you then realize it's hot?" Charlie said while elbowing Krystal.copyright protection54PENANAQZl08ixxCg

"What's this dude's problem?" Krystal stared suspiciously at the crowd.copyright protection54PENANARU4k33iLMW

"You should probably check it out then." Charlie gasped crazily.58Please respect copyright.PENANAxyRqeumNyq
copyright protection54PENANA8v0sZzbAhh

Krystal raised an eyebrow an Charlie but thens shrug and went into the crowd.58Please respect copyright.PENANAckKSTszjus
copyright protection54PENANA38gp8pIGXk

"Hey hey hey, what's wrong in here. Aren't you guys suppose to learn how to dance rather than swooning over for hot boys?" Krystal scolded while making way into the crowd by pushing away a few girls during the process. copyright protection54PENANAXOf19i5r3S

"Senior!" The girls shouted and obeyed, heading to the benches and sat on them, getting ready.58Please respect copyright.PENANA2I3Rhwy34D
copyright protection54PENANAncooEnXQXf

"Well, looks like we have a grumpy one here." The hot young man said, crossing his arms while standing up from his chair. 58Please respect copyright.PENANAZCcR2qloeU
copyright protection54PENANA71oorxN9eK

"What kind of idiot fuck would speak like that with a tone like that to your senior? You retarded usless good-looking figure." Krystal said, crossing her arms too.copyright protection54PENANAubyJcI2h96

"I may be a newcomer, but I am older than you." The young lad said back.copyright protection54PENANA9xiyVXVTNT

"OOOHHH...." Everyone in the background said with interests.copyright protection54PENANA9VUxjm47wi

"Oh my god, is that dweeb going to battle with the Dancing King? But I must say, that he is hotter than any guy I had met." Another man said in the background. copyright protection54PENANAR0tqKG8MYi

"Oho, your the Dancing King that was rumored in this school here? You turned out to be must shorter than I expected." The handsome figure said. copyright protection54PENANAS8PbGL8BFW

"IM FUCKING 169 CENTIMETERS TALL, AT LEAST TALLER THAN ANY OTHER GIRL IN THIS SCHOOL. Your just taller than average, you fucking stick!" Krystal screamed.58Please respect copyright.PENANAPqezi81Srw
copyright protection54PENANAuOSplcLqjh

"True fact doe." Charlie giggle in the background.58Please respect copyright.PENANAkufolwUTAZ
copyright protection54PENANAJbicC2TLPR

"You shut up, Charlie." Krystal turned around, hissing at Charlie and turned back.58Please respect copyright.PENANAxzBJqE9M3o
copyright protection54PENANA3IZSTFE2gj

"Forget about the fact that your shorter. Prove me with your skills." The man said, while Krystal sighed about him being ridiculous. copyright protection54PENANAYL7Qat2VTm

"Fine, I will do any song." Krystal said. copyright protection54PENANAdDyvQayJVn

"How about Lotto by EXO? That seems like a hard one." The man said.copyright protection54PENANAAY5zRYfw1v

"Deal. If I make you satisfied with my dance moves, tell me your name and respect me." Krystal said, and the man nodded.copyright protection54PENANAPZgWQrqTnk

The music started, Krystal felt grateful as she remembered that she had watched a video of that  song when Charlie showed her that. Her body flowed along with the rhythm, ending up getting some realistic moves that flowed like water. She felt her blood pumping like crazy as she had a crazy lust to win. She gave out her awesome dance moves, crazy attitude and amazing emotions. 58Please respect copyright.PENANAHSOWs74tZw
copyright protection54PENANAgAXO6NYEwT

Who knows three minutes later after she had finished dancing as the song ended, the crowd applauded?copyright protection54PENANA17S7HK6Wg7

"There. You satisfied?" Krystal panted as she reached out for a bottle of refreshing water that was handed by Charlie and drank it.copyright protection54PENANAs57J2XasRx

"Kinda." He replied.copyright protection54PENANAN78KVexTS4

Krystal almost chocked while drinking water. copyright protection54PENANANUcG2Tr8PH

"WHAT? Just freaking tell me that is it a yes or no. Don't piss my ass off." Krystal demanded.copyright protection54PENANAghNn0Qkbjc

"Fine, I'll let you off the hook this once." The man said, while heading to the door outside the dancing class.copyright protection54PENANAJ6jRQe5o8Y

"Wait! How about the deal that we made just now?" Krystal shouted across the classroom.58Please respect copyright.PENANA0k0fJmLDgm
copyright protection54PENANAtWTFCVz34o

"Name's Damon Shawn. Won't really obey about the being respectful part but I'll try. See you around later, I bet we will pretty must meet again if it's fate and destiny." Damon said, waving his right hand not looking back and left the room.58Please respect copyright.PENANADNVfwmUG9X
copyright protection54PENANALkGzHHp2SI

"What the fuck is wrong with that guy?" Krystal asked.copyright protection54PENANAeBPysGMy5V

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